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Living LAGOM with Ikea – 6 months later

It’s been six months since we signed up for the #liveLAGOM project with Ikea. As a family we’ve been focusing on how to live sustainably, more efficiently, trying to save energy, water and money. It’s not a project you start and finish, it’s something you keep at, it snowballs, evolves and slowly becomes a way of life.

Our aims at the beginning of 2016:

  • Raise our awareness of how much we’re wasting. Use up food in the fridge before it needs chucking.
  • Stop running the tap for 3-4 seconds before using the water for drinks.
  • Curb the addiction of needing ALL my lamps on all over the house (must be a designer thing?)

So, did we manage it?


Raise our awareness of how much we’re wasting. Use up food in the fridge before it needs chucking.

Our awareness has certainly been raised. But we’ve not managed to solve the problem just yet. I think it will take some time for us to master the art of “not wasting food”. I blame being a full time working parent. That and the fact our fridge is like the tardis. “Oooohhhh… so we already had an open tin of beans, right there at the back? Balls.”  Exchange the word “beans” for pretty much any food substance and you get the picture. Although I do think when our 3 y/o starts eating more of the same foods we do, it will get better…. maybe?

We did however stop chucking out as much fresh fruit, by simply eating more of it. Guess how we did that? I bought a bigger fruit bowl. And placed it on the middle of our kitchen table. Genius move.


We had a much smaller bowl previously, which was kept away from tiny fingers. Apples went into the tray at the bottom of the fridge. May as well have just said goodbye to them then and there to be honest.


Just seeing the bowl filled with fruit, out in the room we spend most time in, means we now reach for a nana rather that the biscuit barrel. No waste and a healthier diet.



The second resolution.

Stop running the tap for 3-4 seconds before using the water for drinks.

Yes. YES! I finally stopped doing it. Our water saving RINGSKAR tap has reminded me each time i’ve made a juice or filled the kettle that I don’t need to run it for an age before I fill up.

And as mentioned in my previous #liveLAGOM post we’d already saved 4 cubic meters, the equivalent of 13 baths. We’ll have to wait until August to see if we’ve kept up with the the water saving.

Since our last update we’ve also updated our washing machine to the Samsung Ecobubble washer/dryer which is A rated.


We’ve been using the Super Eco Wash consistently and drying on the line, now the weather is finer, saving on the gas central heating bill too.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.56.21

Our old washing machine was buggered. Three engineer visits, one flooded pantry and months of too-ing and fro-ing with customer (non) service and we wrote it off as a dud. But before it got taken away by the scrappers… we bagged ourself a fire-pit for the garden.


I give you one washing-machine drum fire-pit. Waste not want not! How’s that for living lagom?


And finally.

Curb the addiction of needing ALL my lamps on all over the house.

Well of course it’s light now isn’t it? So we don’t really need the lamps on in the evening. So, I won’t be able to give an honest and accurate answer to this question until autumn when the clocks go back again. But what I can say is, we’ve done pretty well in updating our lighting with LED bulbs. We did have some problems with some of the Ikea LED bulbs and the crazy-inducing “buzz”, however, since then, i’ve found some other LED’s that have solved the problem. Bingo. We’re very nearly LED across the whole house. Ceiling lights, wall lights, desk lights, floor and table lamps. And when I say i’ve got a lot of lights, i’m not kidding. On the last count, I think I got to 25.

Has it made any difference to the leccy bill? I’d say so….

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 15.58.42

Not a bad start.

Living Lagom has also crossed over into my interior design projects. LED’s are obviously THE best option for efficiency and function with regards to lighting, but also a must for places with next to no access. Why’s that then? They last so bloody long! LED’s were the way forward for a current project of mine where the ceilings are super high (4.5m high). So high in fact you need a scaffold to fit the ceiling light. Not something you want to be sorting every time you need to change a bulb. See:


Filament style LED bulbs can be found quite easily online. Ikea, I love you, but you need to catch up on this big time. Your LED range is amazing in terms of lighting options, but from a design perspective your bulbs just aint cutting it for the vintage, more industrial look.


Tube filament dimmable LED’s


Pear filament LED’s


Pear filament LED’s


So there you have it. Living Lagom HAS changed the way we as a family of three live and made me more considerate when making design decisions elsewhere. It’s more than just “recycling”, it’s bigger than having a few plants. I’m pleased we’ve had the opportunity to have our lifestyles challenged. I think the fact Charlie now asks “is it the big or little button?” when flushing the loo is a sign we’ve made good progress this year. Here’s to the rest of the journey….

why live lagom

A more sustainable life at home should be easy. It should make everyday life better and your home more beautiful. And it should be affordable enough so that we can all start right away.”

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