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At Home With… Making Spaces

It’s been another big week here at Making Spaces HQ. And my last one before I have a week off work. A week off! It’ll be the first one i’ve had in nearly 18 months. I so need it. In fact our little family of three does. We’re off to Centerparcs for some much needed downtime from all things digital, breath in some fresh air and take some time to make memories with the fam.


I couldn’t not share this with you guys though… i’m currently featured on Houzz UK as part of their “At Home With…” series. And i’m actually pretty proud of myself right now. There’s a great interview over there with yours truly (which actually makes me sound like a nice person, who’d a thought!?) You can have a proper nosey around my home, all with a chance to win a lovely silk cushion from one of my fave places to shop.


Silk cushion from The Other Duckling

I’ve actually had tears in my eyes from reading some of the comments on the feature so far. It seems i’ve managed to get across my ethos about good design and interiors being totally affordable and do-able. Our three bed semi being proof it can be done.

DSC03327“Great article what a nice change from the usual homes on this site that are just white boxes with an expensive fit out. 
The colours are beautiful, I especially like the bedroom mixing the deep blue walls with the red lamp and the bedside drawers are gorgeous. Thanks for including the link for the furniture, I’ll be checking that out later. I also love the study, magnetic wall and the little white pots going up the wall. 
What a great style you have, a beautiful real family home and you’ve done it all with shops a lot of us can actually afford, lovely.
Thanks for sharing.”

“Often, maybe too often, DSC03300on Houzz, you see a wonderful house but realise it’s only wonderful because it’s the sum of all the parts. So you can admire it but you can’t take much from it unless you copy all of it. This is the first article I’ve read in a while where I’ve thought “Oh, I like that little detail and it will work for ME!’. Lots of things which I hope I don’t offend anyone by saying are quite simple yet add something. I’m sitting on the bench in the garden in the sun with my coffee actually feeling inspired. And that realisation has me grinning like a Cheshire cat.”


Although there are some peeps that really ARE NOT loving the distressed chimney breast wall. Personally, I think it’s just my dad posting from different accounts. Either way, I don’t mind. Makes me laugh.

Dining Room After

“Sorry Karen, but you’re going to have to “finish” the chimney breast.”

“I’m with your dad on the chimney breast though – please make it looked finished!”

“I’m not convinced with the dining room chimney breast – sorry not even for a Scottie dog lol”

“Sorry I didn’t like the chimney breast distressed look.”

“…how did you managed to convince your partner to keep the distressed chimney wall?”


I’d really love you guys to pop over and have a read, I find everyone’s comments and opinions genuinely fascinating. I’ve always said i’d rather someone love or hate my work/home. So fire away and you could win that lovely silk cushion.



  1. I bet you are buzzing and you should be. What fantastic reactions. It must make all you effort and hard work feel so worthwhile hearing those great comments. I agree that homes like yours are so much more inspirational as they are actually achievable for the majority of people and more practical than many of the homes we see that look like show homes. Ignore the comments about the chimney breast though. As long as you love it, that’s all that matters.

    • It so does. I’ve been grinning like a nutter since Saturday. Such lovely comments to really boost my confidence. Oh and I don’t mind about the chimney breast haters… I find it hilarious!!x

  2. Well done on getting featured! – 100% deserved, your home is beautiful.
    And really good feedback too! xx

  3. Oh well done on the feature!! Your place looks stunning as always and of course you should be proud and buzzing from those comments, they are all well deserved! As for the chimney breasts, hey, ya gotta do what makes you happy – it’s like the haterz have to live there right?! lol When I did mine, I had loads of just gloriously lovely comments and this one old woman said she absolutely hated it and in her 80 some years had never seen anything so horrible in her life! HAHAHA! I had such a good laugh over that one 😉 xxx

    • Haha. I remember that comment 🙂 We trailblazers are bound to rock the boat a little eh? Thank you for your lovely comments, misses. I know Scandi isn’t your thang, but at least I know you can appreciate it!!xx

  4. Hopping over to have a look now, those comments are amazing, you must be so proud, well done on the feature! X

  5. Such lovely comments, they clearly ‘get’ you and your style. Made me laugh that it’s probably your dad posting about the chimney breast, ha ha. Enjoy your well deserved break! xx

  6. Karen, I am sorry I have been away for aaaageeessss! I have been drowning in trying to sort out loads of stuff on my blog. I am so delighted for you! Houzz! How amazing. It honestly looks fabulous. It makes me realise how much you have achieved with all of your rooms. I do hope you have a relaxing time away from the blog and come back refreshed and ready to ‘hit’ us with more fab decor and interior ideas.

    You must want to pinch yourself sometimes when you think of how far you have come with your blog and your interior designs. Well done!

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