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The Vintage Hunter

I’ve been at it again. Busy being a magpie. I thought i’d show you some of my vintage scores picked up over the last fortnight. Some have already been re-homed in projects. Others have been cuddled and caressed gently by moi ready to be sold to their new owner.

** this post does contain crap mobile phone quality photos – apologies. **

Let me show you some rather excellent Gumtree finds I picked up a couple of weekends ago.


Listed as a “Retro Coffee Table”, I could tell immediately by the shape of the frame (and the carpet) this was an original early 70’s G-Plan number. And I had just the place for it. (Did you also spot the rather kitsch and slightly unnecessary gold serving trolley in the background? Yeah me too.)


The G Plan Coffee Table looked stunning after a good clean & polish. The solid teak frame was in fantastic nick and the crystal clear glass top came up a real treat with a bit of Pledge.


This beauty was delivered to its new home last weekend. A wonderfully quirky 70’s detached house. It will be a real centre piece in the living room. Can’t wait to show you more of that project as i’ve got some armchairs, a mag rack and sideboard to source too.


The serving trolley? Of course, that came home with me too. And given a proper going over. The centre tray and brackets were carefully removed turning this serving trolley into a bang on trend bar cart fit to store copious amounts of alcohol.

I love those clean, angular lines softened by the light gold tones of the brushed metal frame. Again, this piece has already landed in its new home, with the new owners looking forward to “drinks on the trolley darling”. All it needs now is a brass pineapple.


But that wasn’t it…. I continued to fill my car as I scoured the house. With the owner’s permission of course.


These original framed pictures epitomise the early 70’s, reminding me of my nan’s house. I love them with their immense creepiness/cuteness factor. And they’re currently for sale for £15 each or £25 for the pair.


Then there were the original late 60’s, teak veneer string shelves. I was pretty excited when I saw these hung on the wall as they’re a design favourite of mine. An hour with the Black and Decker Mouse, followed by a soak and good rub down with the teak polish, they look fit!


Phwoar!! Currently for sale for £100.

But that’s not all, I also picked up this cute nest of tables.


Teak veneer again with those iconic mid century tapered legs. Currently for sale at £60.


Oh and this gorgeously ornate gilt frame mirror with beveled edge, now for sale at £35.



I’m not sure how I managed to get all of this in my Suzuki Swift to be honest. Well I do actually, the gold trolley came home on the passenger seat. Wearing the seat belt. My life everyone. Furniture in the passenger seat

Last but not least, I discovered this gorgeous Art Deco solid oak cabinet in one of my favourite charity shops. It’s now sitting pretty in a client’s 1930’s hallway. A perfect addition to her home and a real find at only £45.

If you’re on the look out for something in particular, something special, unique and perfect for your home, drop me a line. I am always finding the most beautiful pieces and I just can’t keep them all. I’ve tried! But I couldn’t even get in my office last week as there were so many tables in there….


  1. Wow you really do find amazing vintage things! It’s lovely how you restore them and find them loving homes. I need to try and get out and about more and scour antique markets and charity shops.

    • I take Charlie with me a fair bit, we call it “treasure hunting”. He loves it and always comes home with a bit of tat for about 20p 🙂

  2. Aww that’s lovely! Get him started young 🙂 I know my 3 year old would love the treasure hunting, but my 1 year old not so much… yet. Hopefully in a couple of years time they’ll both be joining in with me!

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