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The Magnetic Wall – Pt 3 – Final Reveal

Just over a month ago, I introduced you to a playroom re-design I was working on in collaboration with Thistle Magnetic Plaster, by British Gypsum’s “Rooms Made For You“. The plan was to transform the room overlooking the rear garden into an interactive family space. A room that connected the large, recently completed living space to the great outdoors.


Part II, was all about the magnetic plaster going up on the wall, what it was like to work with, how it dried and what was next on the plan of action. Here’s a brief visual catch up…

It was now time to start getting the mural i’d planned up on the walls. I’d sourced some designs for the decorator and with the help of a projector, the design went from a 2D image on a screen up onto our magnetic wall. In two days, the room was transformed from a cold white square room to a warm, light, creative space filled with colour and extra special detail.

Three window blinds were fitted into the window recess by my main man at Bare Joinery. Along with a few other bits and pieces i’d been sourcing along the way. So now I reckon it’s time to show you the completed room.

Are you ready?


The Magnetic Playroom.


Complete with family tree, fairy lights and several modes of transport.


The magnetic plaster was used along the full height and length of this wall continuing around to the left.


The magnetic road continues seamlessly around the corner.


Child friendly wooden shapes were turned into super cool magnets by simply adhering magnetic tape to the back. It was so easy to turn almost anything we could get our hands on into a magnet. Big thanks to First4Magnets for sending us a great child friendly set.


All the frames once again are magnetised to the wall using the magnetic tape. No picture hooks needed.


The vintage look family tree shares precious pictures of little man’s Great Grandparents and Great Great Grandparents. Looks so good with fairy lights wrapped around the frames and secured with tiny super strong Neodymium magnets. Always keep the fiddly magnets away from little hands, they’re not child safe, so choose your magnets carefully.


Cheerz also very kindly sent us some magnetic photos, meaning even more family members made it into the magnetic playroom. And a goat. Don’t ask.



I have it on good authority, the playroom owner loves his new space. I’ve also spotted a few “vehicles” from Star Wars added to the skyline by his dad. So it looks like everyone’s getting their money’s worth.


The rest of the room, takes backstage to the main event of course. I kept it simple, not too busy. Toy storage was a must obviously and an eBay sourced KALLAX unit plus some KOTTEBO baskets solved this problem nicely.


There were a few “interesting” pieces added. Doesn’t every magnetic playroom need a vintage picture of a donkey bum and a cat with a wonky eye? I think so.


Smaller additional details were dotted around the room, making this place feel like it’s always been like this; classic children’s books, the little man’s first shoe (don’t know where the other one was?) and a bath toy that keeps making its own way (seemingly) around the whole house.


I really love how the large window now frames the beautiful garden, definitely bringing the outside in.

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

Before & After

So then, what do you think? I really hope you like it. It’s been a pleasure to work with Rooms Made for You on this project. Big thanks to them for letting me experiment with magnetic plaster for the first time and letting me give my client the best playroom ever. In my opinion, of course.

Fancy 10% off Magnetic Plaster and magnets from First4Magnets? Well you’re in luck as i’ve got you guys an exclusive discount code right here, right now. Use SPACES10 on the Magnet Selection pack, the Child Friendly magnet pack and Thistle Magnetic Plaster by British Gypsum. It’s a single use code with no time limit. Happy shopping.


  1. It’s really super! I was wondering in the previous post why part of the adjoining wall was being plastered, and now I know! This creative personalisation fits in perfectly with what Ashlyn Gibson (who I met at an event this week) was saying about creating narratives and using what is already part of a person’s/family’s possessions and identity. Lovely job Karen xx

    • Ooh I shall have to have a read of her stuff. Sounds really interesting! And thanks for the lovely comments Molly. Really pleased you like it xx

  2. This is fabulous, Karen. The magnetic wall idea is one thing but the whole family tree, mural and colour scheme you have going, complete with donkey bum (obviously!) is genious, really awesome. I was feeling pretty pleased with my kid’s bedroom makeover and you blooming well trumped it! I’ll let you off…Seeing as its you 🙂

  3. Cliff Knox says

    The room is really good and the potential of the magnetic wall opens up creative ideas. The tree, photos and lights work extremely well. I would like to think it was all in the genes but alas it is not. The lower part of the wall is a constantly changing picture designed by the little man. I can think that many families could use this feature in not just a childs/playroom but lots of other rooms or garages or kitchens or halls or the list goes on. A very proud dad, well done Kaz.

  4. Rita says

    I am slightly competitive with Rohan with the magnets. I arrange them on the wall hoe I like them. He moves them to how he likes them. I put them back, he moves them again, some get thrown under the sofa in the process, we kiss and make up, and the cycle starts again. Why should he have all the fun.

    • Totally agree. We all know that wall was for you really. Rohan just made the whole project more socially acceptable… 🙂

  5. carolepoirot says

    What a transformation!!! Wow! I love how the room is now so fun and happy without being garish on the colour front – if you know what I mean. It still retains some natural calmness. Great job and I’m sure it’s a fabulous place to spend time in. Happy Monday xo

  6. Hannah in the house says

    Such a cool idea and what great fun it must be for the little one! 🙂

  7. Caroline Davis says

    What a dream playroom and this is such a brilliant invention! Cx

  8. Oh what a fun space! I adore the mural idea with the magnetic walls – the family tree is just brilliant. What a clever lady you are – I imagine the family are thrilled with this space! Bravo! xxx

    • They are. It’s such a lovely space to sit in. And thank you very much misses, really glad you like it 🙂 xx

  9. It looks brilliant, glad to hear it all came together so well. I love the family tree with the magnetic photos.

  10. Awww, it’s so lovely, Karen! So many clever ideas and they’ve come together beautifully! That’s definitely the best playroom ever!

  11. The trees adds such a lovely personal touch, I love the idea of a family tree that you can add to over time, I bet the kids love that it’s magnetic as well x

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