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The "Holding Area"

Time to fess up…

Last time I mentioned a big shop, I was bragging about how we’d made a huge saving for the Masonic Villas project. Loads of items were picked up from La Redoute’s  40% off Easter bank holiday weekend. What I didn’t mention is that I also took full advantage of said sale event and bagged a few cheeky little numbers for me-sen. I was not idly shopping. I was working!

My orders, (yes I made three) have taken a while to arrive, coming one at a time which has been kind of annoying. But most of them are here now so i’d thought i’d share some piccies.


Mihnéa Embroidered Cotton Cushion Cover

First up, the cushion cover. It was made for this room, this chair in fact. Classic mid-centry colour combo, great shape, looks hot. £14 in the sale. Boom.


Galice Vases

These quirky incandescent lightbulb vases were a must at just £8.50 for the pair. Absolute bargain.


They look v. cool sitting next to our Watt Table Lamp on the dining room shelves.


Light bulbs are always going to relevant design wise, so these will no doubt serve us well. Unless Charlie decides he’d like to get involved. The glass is very lightweight and delicate, just like a light bulb actually, so definitely best up on a high shelf. So the exact opposite of what i’ve done here.


Abane Trinket Bowl

We did actually need a new large fruit bowl. Well we didn’t, but I convinced myself we did.


This came in at £16.80 which I think it pretty awesome for a dish this size and with this amount of detail.


A perfect fit for our dining room which is all white, taupe, stone. Don’t cha think?


Moving onto something my OH hates….


Adas Stool

Pffftt. What does he know anyway?

I have no idea where this little cutie is going, but this Adas Stool was £21 in the sale. I mean… how could I not?


So many uses too. Seat for Charlie, a stool, plant stand, foot stool….


… scratching stool.

Yes I know, i’m probably pushing it a little there. But it’s a hell of a lot more attractive that a bloody cat scratching post thingy. Chooch’s current cat scratching set up is an all in one Ikea basket/bed/come scratching zone:


That basket is pretty disheveled on one side. I just turn it around for the pics so I can sell you a “pretty lifestyle shot”. The reality is god awful.

So what do you think of my La Redoute goodies (so far)? Any faves? Some will be keepers for our home, some will be added to the “holding area” for work. Do you think I’m nuts for buying that stool? Am I onto something with a cat scratching stool? Do I need to launch myself onto Dragon’s Den?

I will leave you with a pic of the current holding area in my home office. Some pieces are vintage, some new but all destined for projects somewhere at some point. God knows where, what, who yet, but that’s half of the fun init!? I mean when you see a vintage badminton racquet with original racquet press, you don’t leave it, you buy it!



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