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“Here are a few of my favourite Pins…”

(Did you get my Sound of Music reference?)

I’ve not mentioned the Masonic Villas project for a little while, mainly because i’ve been working like a donkey, juggling four other projects dotted around the region. Eeesh.


Anyhoo, the last time this project got a mention on le blog, the living room had just had the ceiling lighting updated. Since then, i’ve been busy planning the schedule of work, solving problems, booking trades and placing orders. The paint for the whole redesign is on its way. Exciting indeed.

I’ve also been Pinning like a demon, pieces that I think would look fab in this project. Some of them will make it, some won’t, but I thought it would be nice to share with you, some of my finds. To be precise, 10 of my finds. Pieces for the living room, home office and hallway.

Come see.

_96a3129.jpgLara Armchair – Fern and Grey


Leather Chair – Cox & Cox


Hoxton Swing Arm Wall Light – Bluesuntree


Indian Cart Coffee Table – House Junkie


Beni Ourain Moroccan Berber Rug – Trend Carpet

Diamond Wall Lamp                   Watering Can by House Doctor


inspiritdeco – Wesley Scaffold Boards and Steel Bookcase


Berber Shaggy Massin rug 200×300


Cabrini Desk – Swoon Editions

Does anything take your fancy? Everything takes my fancy here, but alas, none of this is for moi. But you might just see some of these pieces land into the Masonic Villas project….


What would you choose?


  1. kate says

    Lovely selection Karen – I particularly like the Lara chair and Berber rug combo 🙂

  2. I likey it all of course, but the perfect orb of the watering can and its elegant handle and spout make it top of my list, think I could stare at it all day while the plants die of thirst 🙂 As I’m on a rug hunt I am also liking the shaggy Berbers, and hey, the yellow Hoxton swing light — of course!

  3. It’s so not my normal taste but that lovely leather chair – I would make room for that! Also, that light fixture you chose gives me the feels xxxx

  4. welovehomeblog says

    You totally nail my style! I love all these element – the berber rug (on order at the moment) and the lamp. The shelving is epic too (if only i had the room)

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