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This week has been a bit pants. My three year old came down with chicken pox on Monday (booo). So I’ve been indoors and on calamine duties all week, trying my best to fit in design work, book tradespeople, reschedule appointments and keep up with the blog.



Something that did put a smile on my face however, was a delivery from Evermade. I had been eagerly awaiting its arrival and it popped through my letterbox on Tuesday: Day 2 of “The Pox”.

Evermade is an independent online store with an ever expanding collection of carefully curated items; contemporary art prints, cool stationery, gifts, clothing and illustrated goods. I dare you to go on there and not find something you like.


Evermade very kindly offered to send me some goodies to review and, like a kid in a sweet shop, I spent hours on their site ogling every piece of art. As you may already know, art is something that takes up a lot of my wall-space. And head-space. I love finding new artists, and find I did.


Let me introduce you to Jenni Sparks and Mike Matola.


The hand drawn map of NY by Jenni Sparks was the perfect choice. And i’ll tell you for why….

New York is special to both me and the OH. We’ve both been once before. In 2011. On our own. In the same month as each other. Before we met. And both of us, after major (crap) life events. You know when you need to do something big and brave to challenge yourself and regain some confidence? One of those kind of trips.


My now fiancé and I are getting married this year. And of course our honeymoon to NY (where else?) is now booked. Every time I catch this bright pop of colour in the corner of my eye, it makes me smile. I know this print will be with us forever.

“We wanted to use a simple colour palate and keep the whole thing fresh and modern and, most importantly, fun” Jenni Sparks


The level of detail is incredible. I can’t stop looking at it and finding places us newly weds can visit.

“It took Jenni Sparks months to create the map, comprising of hundreds of meticulous illustrations representing buildings, hidden gems, fun facts and more.”

Jenni Sparks Hand Drawn Maps.png

Jenni has drawn maps of Paris, London, Berlin and San Francisco, so you can treasure your trips, wherever they may have been. Even better, make plans to visit somewhere new.


How could you not want this on your wall?


The second print is a hand drawn portrait of George Harrison by Mike Matola. Which is even more amazing in real life. George’s eyes follow you around the room. It’s mesmerising.


“Mike sat down and painstakingly wrote out each lyric, moving line by line down the page and decreasing the space between the letters until the portrait took shape. This piece is the culmination of over 80 hours of writing and craftsmanship.”


I’d already decided that this would be my little bro’s birthday pressie this year. Him and his OH have just bought a house together, he loves The Beatles, she’s an architect and only deals in minimal and white (and has a freaky obsession with tea lights and extreme symmetry).

This art print was perfect for them both. It’s meticulous. It’s minimal, yet has impact. And it’s George Harrison. Win.

Pics from Evermade

I’m a bit gutted to give George away to be honest (even if it is to my bro). I’m kind of in awe of the level of patience, love and care that has gone into these pieces. If you’re a mega fan of The Beatles, you can also bag the other three for a full set. But we all know George was totally underrated. I always go for the underdog.


I highly recommend a visit to Evermade. You just know you’re going to find something that floats your boat. And chances are, nobody else will have it. They have a great selection of limited edition pieces too, so once they’ve sold out, you know you’ve got something special.


This make shift gallery is in my home office. I refer to this space as the “Holding Area”. It’s where I keep all my bits and bobs for styling and design work. 99% of the time it’s stacked with art, frames, plants, cushions, blankets and the odd chair. I kind of like how it looks right now though. In fact, it’s my new favourite wall.


Many thanks to Evermade for cheering me up this week with new artwork. And for our first wedding gift. I shall be sure to send you a piece of cake.


I was very kindly gifted these wonderful pieces of art, but all opinions and words are my own. Always. And I only ever write about brands that I love or think you will love too.


  1. Ah sorry to hear about The Pox… hope your little one is over the worst of it and you’re all back to normal.
    What lovely art you chose – it’d cheer anybody up! I’m blown away by the painstaking detail in them both. Very special pieces. And your New York story is incredible!

    • Thanks Meera. I don’t think we’ll ever be back to “normal” if you know what I mean (I know you do). Glad you like my art choices, cool aren’t they!?x

      • If normal means back when we were childless and almighty, then no, we’ll never be normal again. But I like to think we’re a new kind of mighty… as long as we’re not needed before a strong coffee in the morning 😉

  2. Ha. I think you’re right Pippa. I was definitely an art collector in another life. And yeah, maps make great statement pieces… without trying too hard. Really chuffed with these pieces x

  3. Oh no! So sorry to hear about the ‘pox’ – what a nightmare but hopefully everyone is feeling a bit better by now?

    Love your choices and the reasons behind them. They are both just amazing – I love images where you need to study the detail to really appreciate them. I’m also loving your little art wall with all the plants. Maybe you can find some tealights for your brother instead 😉 xxx

    • Haha. Just what he DOESN’T want. And thank you, yes Charlie’s on the mend now… and more importantly… at nursery!!xx

  4. They are both so amazing Karen. I love ‘art’ that has special meaning and especially if it’s created with such creativity and love. And speaking of ‘love’ I’m smitten with those picture holders too.

  5. They are absolutely fabulous. I adore the New York one. It’s the hand drawn element that makes them so special! The colours are fab too. I would get major brownie points if I got the NY one for my OH for our 20th wedding anniversary as we went to NY for our 10th and loved it and he loves maps and art…Obviously he will have to wait a yeeeaaaarrrrrrssssss to unwrap it cos I’m not THAT old 😉

  6. Aww so sorry to hear about the poorly bubba ! i can sympathise having had twins with it at the same time when they were 18 months old ! not good. Hope all is back to normal soon xx

    I am in total awe of the george Harrison pic ! what patience and skill !

  7. kate says

    I love Jenni Sparks illustrated maps (I’ve got the NY and Paris ones myself)! Lovely idea to hang it using a clothes hanger too, very effective xx

    • Thanks Kate, a group of the Jenni Sparks maps would look great. Glad you like my clothes hangers too, a cheap and easy solution to having ran out of frames 🙂 x

  8. ooooh I love it when that happens, receiving goodies in the post is always an instant pick me up! Love these prints so much – How cool is that NYC print. I’m print obsessed lately I just need to frame them all 😉 A x

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