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We have light

Remember a few posts ago, I introduced you to some of the lighting options for the living room at my new project?


The very first time I walked into this room, I visualised a particular ceiling light. After showing the homeowner what had popped into my head (a deconstructed chandelier), it was love at first sight all round. A couple of days later, I found “the one” for this room, and before I knew it, the homeowner had placed an order and it was on its way.

Yesterday on my second visit, upon walking back into the living room, the light had arrived and was already being fitted by the electrician. And it looks as gorgeous as I had imagined.


The Molecular Pendant by House Doctor was the hands down winner for this room. The clean, minimal lines with the brass accents will work perfectly with the plans for this room. I’ve got serious light envy.


A new moody blue, velvet sofa will replace this one. And a larger rug.


The homeowner has loads more artwork that’s never been hung, am looking forward to getting my mitts on it all and spreading the art love around this room.


The huge arched doors frame the lighting perfectly as you both enter and leave the room.

(A little hint of the colour choice for this room in the pic above too.)


And whilst you’re here, I’ll show you the bay window as I forgot to take a photo on my first visit. Beautiful isn’t it? There is some remedial work that needs sorting around the window frames and paneling. Another job on the list for my lovely joiners. More about their other projects coming soon.


The Le Corbusier Chaise Longue, gorgeous as it is, will be going (on eBay maybe). It just doesn’t get used and never really found its place in this house. It will be replaced with a cosy armchair and reading area looking out into the garden. Perfect timing for spring 2016.


One last look **sigh**

And that ladies and gents, is it for today. Just a quick catch up. Hope you like where this room is going so far!?



  1. Oh I love it! It’s going to look freaking amazing with the dark blue walls 🙂 And that window!! Dear god. Please let me move into this house. I WANT IT. xxx

    • Yeah it is lovely, and an amazing design, but it just doesn’t get used and takes up so much space. By selling it, it will also allow us to stretch the budget elsewhere….

  2. What an utterly gorgeous room!! So excited to see this transformed! And that light… aaahh I think I want it for my living room now!

  3. Lulutrix says

    Been trying to source one of these bad boys but struggled to find anything below £300. You put the ‘ahhh’ in BARGAIN!

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