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It’s taken us over three years…. but we finally have updated our bedroom window. We have blinds, people. Nice, stylish, new blinds.

The very lovely people at Order Blinds offered to send me some made to measure blinds to review. Yay. It was the most perfect of timings. As you may remember our bedroom was completely redesigned at the end of last year. The final thing left to sort was the “window situation”. It was finally time to get our bedroom window some new threads. VERY exciting.

Order Blinds have introduced a new “Fast Track” range of made to measure blinds.

“Made to measure to your required sizes & despatched within 1 working day, our new range of Fast Track Wood Venetian Blinds provide time conscious customers with exquisite custom window blinds delivered to your doorstep within a matter of days!”


Another good thing about the range is there aren’t nine million different colours, finishes or options. There are 12 finishes to choose from, three slat sizes and the option of strings or tapes. Nice and simple. I requested samples for Medium Oak and Bronzed Oak as our bedroom has a real mix of wood tones ranging from light oak to walnut and teakWe finally opted for the 50mm Bronzed Oak blinds with tapes. I fancied a bit of luxury in the bedroom, so tapes is was. And they do look lovely.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.43.28

  • Fully made to measure wood venetian blind with tapes.
  • Despatched within 1 working day.
  • 50mm wide slats.
  • Matching colour valance/pelmet. 
  • Colour co-ordinating tapes, operating cords and toggles. 
  • Made from a non-endangered bass wood. 
  • Robust steel headrail.


Order Blinds weren’t kidding about the “Fast Track” part of the service. I placed my order on the 3rd February and heard a knock on the door on the 5th. That’s a pretty quick turn around for made to measure blinds. Naturally, the 6th Feb seemed like the perfect time to fit them. No messing about here. I wanted those blinds IN MY WINDOW!

You’ll have to excuse the next few pics. It was a properly miserable day outside and the lighting was pants.

The blinds were up and running in less than an hour after opening the box. We referred to the fitting instructions online which gives you a heads up of all the tools and fixings you’ll need and a step by step guide on how to fit your new blinds.


And here they are. Am really pleased to see something more “us” in our bedroom window.


A little detailed shot of the woodgrain.


The Bronzed Oak really tying in with the rich French oak bed-frame. I love being able to direct the light with the tilt function. The mechanism is a little stiff out of the box, but i’m sure it will loosen up over the next week or so.


I’d recommend Order Blinds’ Fast Track range. They’ll certainly be kept in mind for Making Spaces projects with impending “window-blind deadlines”. Ordering was easy, delivery was super quick, the blinds are the exact size ordered and the quality is good. They have completely updated our bedroom window with minimal faff. Win.


So which window(s) at home do you need to update? You could have it sorted in about three days flat if you ordered right now….. Tempted?



  1. I need a solution for my livingroom window, master bedroom, kids bedroom, bathroom and kitchen lol. So not much to sort out then. Your new blinds look lovely Karen. Glad you finally got it sorted.

  2. carolepoirot says

    Fabulous addition to the bedroom, the blinds really do finish the whole look beautifully and they look great. You must be so happy to have the window sorted 🙂

  3. Lovely blinds (love the wood) and very quick service. If you’re a non-DIY-er, do you think they’d be okay to put up?

    • Thanks Rachel! You do need a hammer drill to fix the brackets. I’m lucky that my OH is handy and has all the drill gubbins….

  4. Ahh these look fab!! And the wood colour works beautifully against the dark blue walls and other wood accents in the room. I have wood blinds everywhere in my home and love them! (I don’t love dusting them however but that’s altogether a different thing) 😉 xx

    • Haha. I know! I’ve started already with the dusting. But it’s worth it not having to see those dreaded vertical blinds in there anymore. They’ve completely finished the room off! 🙂 xx

  5. They work brilliantly with the other wooden accents in the bedroom, I’ve put plenty of blinds up and shed many blood sweat and tears, they can be such a pain to fit well! X

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