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A Victorian Corker

I had a consultation yesterday. I’m a little giddy.

The homeowner and I have very similar tastes, she loves monochrome, art, industrial, hunting furniture from skips and junk yards and mid-century touches. Her home, quite frankly, is amazing already. But she believes there is room for some creativity, some problem solving and bit of oomph. Let me at ’em.

I’ll show you around…. (permission already granted if you were wondering).


The living room. Currently in F&B Bone and is calm and neutral. But needs a little kick.


The floorboards, picture rail, coving, windows, skirting boards… all original and all amazingly beautiful. Needless to say, they will all be staying put. As will the mid century haberdashery drawers with brass drawer pulls. Yum.


Full height windows on two aspects, the second of which I forgot to take a bloomin photo of. Which is kind of a bummer as it’s where some joinery magic may just occur. More on that to follow.


Just look at that door! With almost 3m high ceilings, this room can take some serious colour.

Oh and yes, that is an original Jielde task light you can see in those drawers….. picked up for a mere £16 from her local junk yard. I nearly died when she told me. Well jels.

Ps. That isn’t a ghost at the door, it’s my rubbish way of editing the homeowner out of the photo.


An ornate fire added by the homeowner, shipped over from Hungary I seem to remember her saying.


A fire surround is required which is currently in the research stages. Tiles? Reclaimed wood? A.N. Other?

And onto the hall, stairs and landing…


Now believe it or not, the homeowner asked for grey walls.


Eeek. That be lilac. Purple even.


So it’s gots ta go. Time for something new. And Farrow and Ball’s latest additions may have just saved the day. ‘Citing.


I need to source this anaglypta/relief wallpaper to run along the rest of the hallway and landing. There are sections that have been sadly removed. If anyone happens to have a few rolls of this hanging around in their Victorian shed, drop me a line.


Original front door (needs to be black).


Nuff spindles.

The hall is a room within itself, size wise that is. These spaces are always the hardest to re-design. You have to consider how they connect to all floors. And how they link into each room. One colour downstairs might rock your world and look pants on the next floor up. So plan wisely. And test those colours throughout before painting an entire hall, stairs and landing.



Oh my word. Can I just live here please? You could so fit a single bed across that gallery landing. I don’t see what problem that would cause tbh and it would save on petrol for the next few months.

Onto the home office, aka. the dumping ground. Now referred to as “The Pod”.


It must be 1.2m x 1.8. It’s tiny, but it’s so cool. I mean, look at that original, leaded sash window. What a lovely light to work in.


So that needs sorting. The loft hatch. You can only get a cat up there. Not much use really as they don’t even fetch stuff, like dogs.


And that all needs to go. And I have a cunning plan that will be revealed soon. I finally get to do something, design wise i’ve always wanted to do.


Isn’t it a beautiful house? I feel a little nervous taking on such a stunner, but my mind has already planned it all, 24 hours since my visit. I can’t wait to start breaking it all down for you and share the journey. I think you’re going to really like this one. I know I am.



  1. So exciting indeed Karen! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. But as you say already a beautiful home with some amazing features indeed. Am so taken by the GIANT door to the living room. Fabulous!

  2. Jen Stanbrook says

    Just WOW. What a place, all those features! Can’t wait to see what you do with it and hope you find the anaglypta, it’s magical. x

  3. Your passion and enthusiasm for these projects is so infectious Karen. Just reading your beautifully written posts gets me all giddy with your excitement. And I know that you will have amazing plans for this gorgeous house. Can’t wait to see how you transform it. Quick now, don’t keep us waiting too long will you?

    • Oh Stacey, that’s so lovely of you to say so. Thank you. I have to sound excited just to hide the fact i’m just “winging it” 🙂 x

    • I hope so!! And she sure does have fab taste. She’s got so much cool art that is going to sing when the rooms are done xx

  4. madaboutthehouse says

    Fabulous house. Love all the plasterwork above the picture rail in the sitting room. Where is the desk lamp from in the Pod – I know a junk shop find ten years ago? Can’t wait to see what you do with this space, Karen. I’m sure it will be amazing XK

    • I’ve just checked with her on the lamp… TK Maxx. For less than £30. Who’d a thunk it?
      And thank you. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of the building, but am loving the opportunity to work here!xx

  5. Jenny says

    The doors and windows are gorgeous. It all needs stronger colours on the walls though. The lilac? I am glad the homeowner didn’t ask for that! Worsted is in the wings…

  6. God that’s my dream house!! The architecture is absolutely to die for. Lucky you getting your hands on that! I have no doubt it’ll be even more amazing once you’re through, so much potential there (and she already has some lovely pieces) 😀 xxx

  7. What a beautiful place, I love all the period details and textured wallpaper in the hallway, can’t wait to see what you do! X

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