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You’ll never guess….

Believe it or not, some people don’t like shopping for furniture or home decor. I know! What’s wrong with them? The more I’ve worked with clients on projects, I’ve learned a little more about why.

  • Time – Peeps, I know you work hard all week, maybe sort the kids out when you get home, eat dinner, hang the washing out…. and then collapse on the sofa (which needs replacing). The last thing you want to do is spend hours online searching for a new one. I get it.
  • Info – If you do have the time… then where do you go? Not everyone spends yonks online finding new hot ass designers, retailers and brands like I do. Of course you don’t. So you stick to the few retailers you know and trust. If you can’t find what you want there, you’re inclined to give up and wait until something you like pops up.
  • Energy – Imagine wanting to update your entire living room… think about all the shops you’d have to go to. Now add into the mix that it’s a Saturday…. with the kiddie winkies….. with all the other families desperately trying to find something they like whilst holding their child sideways, kicking and screaming as they want to play with the automatic doors.

Now doesn’t that fill you with dread?


So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve designed a living room for you. It’s got the most gorgeous leather seating, velvet accent chair, rug, lighting and accessories. And the best bit is:



Yes indeedy. I’ve done all the searching for you, ticking off those three main reasons some of us don’t get around to updating their living spaces. I’m not going to tell you where it’s all from just yet, but I can tell you it’s somewhere you wouldn’t necessarily associate with Making Spaces.

Peepers out!

Furniture Village Mood Board.jpg


  • Leather chesterfield seating forms the basis of this rather classic living room with a twist. Always a twist. The twist being a pop of mustard velvet for the footstool. The sofa and chair are 100% leather, no sneaky faux panels here. So you know you’re getting something that will last for years, looking better and better with age and wear.
  • The gorgeous teal velvet armchair and footstool would look rather fab in a little reading sleeping corner. No children allowed.
  • A mix of geometric cushions picking up on the design of the statement bronze mirror.
  • A traditional design rug with an acid clashing pink, blue and turquoise, all anchored with a strong black background.


  • The black is repeated in the coffee table… but I would be tempted to spray the chrome legs bronze to keep the metallics in the warmer end of the spectrum.


  • Real feature lighting in the form of a film style floor lamp and retro copper lamp.
  • Simple glassware picking up on the colours of the room.
  • A slightly over the top canvas of traditional London icons in a bonkers neon pop art style. Totally jarring with the classic design of the chesterfields, but in the best of ways. And a faux fur throw. Just because.

Any guesses where it’s all from then?


I know!!

I was pleasantly surprised to see such good design here, including nods to the traditional, industrial, mid-century modern, vintage and regency. I remember buying my very first leather sofa from Furniture Village in 2001 and it lasted forever. Their leather Chesterfield sofa and armchair would be perfect for the Sherwood Forest project, so if you’re reading this, Furniture Village… i’d be more than happy for you to send them to Leeds. Ta.

I hope I might have saved some of you from endless weekends of furniture shopping. It’s not how I would re-design a room, ya know, buying everything from just one retailer. However, I can completely appreciate not everyone enjoys the process of searching and finding, or indeed “the thrill of the chase”. Some of you just want it done. So here you are. I did it.

Would love to know what your thoughts are on this one peeps.

This post was written in collaboration with Furniture Village, but all opinions are my own. Always. All images from Furniture Village


  1. This is really inspiring! I haven’t looked in Furniture Village for quite a long time and I’m really impressed with the look of the products you have featured here. That velvet chair is all kinds of awesome! x

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