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The Other Duckling

I love discovering new places to shop online, especially places that offer something more than just “the norm”. What’s even better is when they fit with your own working ethos. Allow me to introduce you to Erica and Andrew from The Other Duckling. Aka; My new favourite online boutique.


“The Other Duckling brings you an eclectic collection of delightful home accessories, home furnishings and gifts including designer made homeware, vintage, revamped and shabby chic furniture, fleamarket finds and Erica’s exclusive greetings cards.”

A few years ago, Erica, whose background is in textiles, was working as managing creative at Innocent Drinks and Andrew who originally hailed from the world of fashion photography was working in high end digital media. But, after turning 35 they began to re-think what they wanted out of life. Finally making the big decision in 2008 to leave London and their uber successful careers to move to the Hampshire countryside, where they purchased a 17th century property (and lifelong project). As you do.

“Between building, filling, painting and tearing our hair out we started to develop our furnishing flourishes website – sourcing designers and suppliers and gathering little gems for our fleamarket finds collection.”

One extremely busy year later The Other Duckling was launched in 2009.



All change.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 08.52.39

The Other Duckling sells a unique selection of old, new, revamped, repurposed, specially sourced flea-market finds and well lived and loved pieces. With hints of vintage, industrial, ethnic and antique, everything is bursting with individual charm and character. I dare you not to find something you’ll desperately want after just a quick look on their site.

I wanted everything.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 08.53.12

You all know I use a lot of vintage finds in my design work, so Making Spaces and The Other Duckling are the most perfect match. And very lucky for me, the lovely Erica kindly offered to gift me something from their delicious store to use in one of my projects. Yay!

The difficulty was… what to choose? Man, I seriously could have hired a van and moved it all up north. Here are just some of my favourite pieces.

See what I mean? I just love it all. And how cool is that fish cushion?


After almost a week of choosing nearly EVERYTHING at least once, I decided upon this most perfectly imperfect mirror. I was actually looking for something to add to the Midtown Magic project, wasn’t sure if it was a mirror or another piece of art, I just knew I needed something with glass to bounce some light into this dark corner of the bedroom. And when I saw this… it made complete sense.


And here he is. It is a “he” btw. He’s a real bruiser, been in some scrapes as you can see, but he’s oh so handsome.


I love the red-y richness of the wood against the dark ebonised trim which echoes the design of the mid century drawers sitting across the room.

Loughborough chest of drawers


It also doesn’t look half bad against the moody blue Midtown Magic walls.


Lovely speckled ageing on the mirrored glass.



If, like me, you’re into unique, interesting and beautiful home decor, vintage finds and owning pieces no-one else does, then head on over to The Other Duckling. And bookmark it.


I hope you like my little bruiser of a mirror as much as me?!

Many thanks to The Other Duckling for gifting me this gorgeous item. This was written to show my appreciation and all opinions are always my own. I only ever write about brands I really like and think you will like too.





  1. Ooh yes, your mirror sure is handsome and so perfect in that space! Thank you for the intro to this is most excellent shop – 2 minutes of quick browsing and I’ve already bookmarked several items for my wishlist!

  2. The perfect mirror for your space, it just shines and looks so happy there! And thank you so much for introducing The Other Duckling. I too now have a huge wishlist, but am on a spending ban after buying a new camera this weekend, so you CANNOT persuade me just yet Ms Knox (but I don’t expect it will be long before I succumb)!

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