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My problem with windows

Windows are the bane of my life. They’re always “challenging” when designing a space. So much so, that after being in our current house for three years, i’ve still not sorted blinds or curtains for our living room (I know, it’s bad). But I know i’m not the only one out there that shudders at the thought of curtain and blind shopping.

Those vertical blinds were here when we moved in and the curtains, we plonked up from my previous house. The plan was to update it all… and as you may know, i’m impatient and pretty efficient at getting things done. But this window never got ticked off the to-do list. Well it’s time to pull my finger out and give my living room window some love.

Here’s my thought process:

  • Vertical blinds? They’re really versatile, but I’m really not a fan. At all. They make any room instantly look like an office or waiting room. And those little string-y things at the bottom always snap and draggle around on the window sill.
  • Roller Blind? Pretty limited in terms of function. Up or down. Ok for a bedroom, but not great for directing light.
  • Wooden Venetian blinds? These were my first choice but I’m a little concerned about the weight of a window length blind. The actual weight and visually, will they look too “heavy”? And when fully open, will the blinds block all the light from the top window pane? Hmmm…
  • Shutters? Too chunky for this sized room me thinks.

So the search continued…


As you may already know i’m taking part in a six month project with Ikea. The #LiveLAGOM project is all about finding ways to live more sustainably at home. And we all know windows are a big problem area for heat loss, especially when your double glazing is poorly fitted. Like ours. I did look for something from Ikea as part of that project, but they didn’t really have anything that would have worked for our living room. The window blind wish-list at the end of 2015 then became:

  • Something lightweight and minimal
  • Multifunction
  • Energy efficient


And along came Duette® blinds asking if I’d be interested in featuring them on Making Spaces. Well yeah, yeah I would be. In fact this is perfect timing.

“Duette® energy saving blinds have a unique honeycomb structure which traps air inside and provides welcome insulation, bringing you the perfect combination of style and function. They cleverly keep heat out in the summer, and in when you need it in winter, giving you better climate control and welcome savings on your energy bills.” 

Duette Blinds.jpg

I like the sound of this, very much indeed. Duette® blinds claim to reduce heat loss by up 46% saving you up to 25% on your heating bill. Wowzers. That’s the energy efficient box ticked. Not to mention reducing outside noise by up to 45%. Great if you live on a busy main road or in a city centre.

You can see how much money you could save with using the energy saving calculator on Duette® blind’s website.


And it seems they fulfil all of my other stringent requirements too. They look really good, couldn’t you see these off black blinds in my living room? Plus they come with various functions, colours and are extremely lightweight. So it seems i’m onto a winner. Finally.

  • Free Hanging – The range is available in three opacities, letting you control light and privacy. And there are no visible lift cords, so clean lines and no faff.
  • Moving or tilting windows? – Duette® blinds can be fixed onto the frame, so they move with the window.
  • Day And Night – The blinds can be fitted with two contrasting levels of transparency
  • The top-down and bottom-up range gives you excellent versatility sliding from the top or bottom, or even combining the two.


I really like being able to choose the level of transparency, even having two different fabrics in one blind. That, plus the option of having them open from the top and/or the bottom, these blinds are really versatile. Perfect for a living room.


If you’re wondering how they’d look in a more traditional setting, here’s a pic showing you them blending seamlessly with the surroundings of this rather lovely vintage bathroom. Duette® blinds can be fitted into properties with sash windows or original wooden framed windows and aesthetically, the clean, unfussy design really works.


I gotta say these blinds are floating my boat (that lamp’s kinda nice too). I seriously can’t wait to say adios to our old office living room blinds. Time to do some serious thinking.



This post was written in collaboration with Duette® blinds, but all opinions are my own. Always. And I only EVER write about products or brands I actually like and think you will like too.

Images by Duette® blinds.


  1. I share your pain on the window/blind issue front. I didn’t realise the Duette blinds can be opened top or bottom, that’s a brilliant design feature. They’re increasingly looking like a good solution for me too!

  2. carolepoirot says

    I decided to go for bamboo roller blinds in our living room and bedroom because they let light through whilst giving us privacy (they sort of act like net curtains but obviously look better!) and I just love the overall look. At around £6 per blind they’re also budget friendly which is a big consideration when doing up an entire house. I had toyed with the idea of plantation shutters but felt they were just a little bit too “conservative” and grown up for my liking 😉 xo

    • Yeah I remember having bamboo blinds… and agree with you on the shutters vibe. I just can’t see me ever deciding to have those x

  3. Susan says

    Wish I’d known about these when we had our front bay window blinds made. The noise / heat elements sound amazing. Do they work for bay windows?

    • Yes! They can be fit to any shape window so a bay window would be just fine. You’d have three separate blinds fitted inside the bay. I’ve heard some very good reviews too!

  4. I like the look of these. I’m also desperate to replace my vertical blinds which were here when I moved in and still are 2 years later. I love that you can vary the opacity and that they can open from the top or bottom. I’m off to check out the website right now!

  5. I like the look of these. I’m also desperate to replace my vertical blinds which were here when I moved in and still are 2 years later.

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