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Making Spaces Curates for Wayfair

It’s Monday morning, it’s freezing and i’m still in my PJ’s but i’m so excited about this week. And that’s because starting from right now, for the next seven days, Wayfair are having a sale, Making Spaces stylee.


I’ve curated a selection of some rather splendid items, really picking up on the Making Spaces vibe. I’d have these any of these pieces at home or use them for my design projects in a heartbeat. In fact I already have.

Let me show you just a small selection of what delights are in store for you right now.



You’ll spot the obligatory skulls, stripped back industrial pieces, warm copper and brass metallics. Mix that in with a vintage vibe, lots of lovely layers with skins and faux furs and classic leather seating. Don’t forget to add a few bits of quirk (Pineapple lamp anyone?) and you’ve nailed the look.



To find out more about me, Making Spaces and how I got here, step this way to read a rather fab guest interview on Wayfair. In the meantime, here are a few images of projects past and present, giving you an idea of how to work my curated items into your home.

And, if you’re planning to update your home decor this year, but are currently drowning in the annual “January de-clutter”, have a read of How to Make the Most of Your Space for practical advice. From a quirky design perspective of course.

But less about me and more about the curation! There are over one hundred items to choose from in this week’s specially selected sale. Just click the image below to be whisked right off to Wayfair.

Blog_600x600Chop chop! It’s only on for seven days. Let me know if you pop anything in your online basket. I know there are several items i’ve already got my eye on.

Happy shopping.


The curation and blog post has been done in collaboration with Wayfair, but opinions and content are my own (always).


  1. Yay! It looks great!! Congrats on the curation and loved the interview as well 😉 I’ve had my eye on that big Atticus gold light for EVER. I just need to find £500 in change in my sofa. xxx

    • It’s gorgeous isn’t it! Would look awesome in your house… I’ve just found 50p down the side of my sofa. Will pop it in the savings jar 🙂 And thank you, glad you liked the interview xx

  2. babybudgeting says

    Excellent selection of products and great interview. Just loving the desk you featured.

  3. ooooh so many fabulous products to choose from! I love that skull and those side tray tables are perfect! Fabulous curation Karen x

  4. Lovely to read the interview and learn about your journey into design and even the bit about getting back into work after being a stay-at-home mum (something I’m finding a giant dilemma). There is definitely a market for Karen Knox! I love your chatty style. Feel like we’d have a lot to talk about over coffee… maybe one day? 🙂
    Fab collection you’ve curated! I’ve loved the Van Gogh skull print for ages, but I don’t have anywhere for it right now… maybe in future when the house gets extended and designed I’ll make sure to have a spot for it!

    • Thanks Meera, what lovely feedback. If you’re ever over in Leeds, do drop me a line, i’m sure we could kill a couple of hours over a cuppa! I didn’t have anywhere for the Van Gogh print either, but I re-jigged my art around a little and i’m really happy I did. Love it in my living room 🙂 x

  5. carolepoirot says

    That cigarette skull is so cool and there are quite a few of the other items I’d fancy. Great interview too, congrats on getting married this year 🙂 x

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