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I have a confession to make…

…. about wallpaper.

If you read my post from last week where I was tearing my hair out over which wallpaper to choose…. then I apologise.


The thing is, when you’re in “a relationship”, and live with someone, apparently it’s good etiquette to ask their opinion when buying things or making decisions for your home. Pffft. So, I did. I asked my beloved weeks ago about his thoughts on a particular wallpaper. One that I really really liked and wanted him to like too. But he wasn’t a fan.

I showed him another picture of the same wallpaper a few days later. He still didn’t like it.

And one more time the following week. Nah, blah, meh…. baaaaah.

After my “third time lucky” technique, I concluded that he did NOT like this wallpaper and did NOT want this wallpaper. So the full on wallpaper search proceeded and I ended up with the heavenly seven you guys saw last week. And your help was amazing. Thank you.

Anyway, here they are.


Samples started arriving and I was reading ALL of your feedback on the blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It was v exciting and I loved all of your comments and reasoning behind choosing particular a design. With samples in hand and your feedback in mind, we finally whittled it down to our final two.

House of Hackney, Blackthorn and Cole & Son, Riviera.

We’d made it from seven to two. And whilst having one more look online, the very first wallpaper I fell for popped up on the image search. Ya know, the one he didn’t like. The one he didn’t like THREE TIMES….

“Oh, yeah I like that”.



Oh I wanted to punch him so hard. Go on Bette. I feel your pain sister.

(And can you believe he just said this video is a pretty good representation of me. “An angry, dramatic, red-head”. How very dare he!!


It’s taken me a week to find the balls to tell you we’ve finally decided on the wallpaper for our living room. And it’s NONE of the ones i’ve already shown you. I’m so sorry.

The winner is….


Cole & Son, Acquario.

Acquario from Cole & Son’s 2013 Fornasetti II collection.

“The fish theme appears in some of the earliest Fornasetti work, and this design adopts some of the motifs used on decorative trays. Picked for their whimsical and naive appearance…”

I think it’s both amazingly beautiful and deliciously odd. Not at all “on trend” like pineapples or animal heads, but because of that i’m getting that quirky-ness AND the design longevity I was craving.


Acquario blends perfectly with the existing black walls in the living room and the pops of oranges, mustards, golds and reds really tie in the rest of the room’s accent colours.

And my 3 y/o likes it.

Cole & Son Acquario.jpg

NY Times

I have no idea why I’m as drawn to these fish as I am but I can’t wait to have them swimming around behind our sofa.

Maybe it’s because the fish look like grumpy little buggers? And, perhaps the design is rather unconventional for a living room? Grumpy and unconventional are certainly words i’d use to describe myself, so yes, that’s the reason. Interior design choices that reflect your personality are always difficult to make, but once you have, you know you’re onto a winner.

Cole & Son Acquario .png

Fashion Wallpaper

And you just know these fish are going to get named don’t you?

So dare I ask… what do you think? And more importantly, can you forgive me? I’m happy to provide footage of the OH getting a clip around the ear if you think it would help any!??

God, I hope you guys love it as much as I do!?


  1. Oh my god, all is forgiven!! I FREAKING LOVE IT. It’s so you. It’s totally different and not too trendy but fabulously whimsical but not in a ‘aww so cute’ way, ya know? It’s just COOL. Ugh, Karen, just stop with being so freaking cool now because you are making the rest of us look bad. xxx

    • Hahahhaa. Am “lol-ing”. You can talk with your wallpaper discovery of the century! (looking forward to seeing your post later today) So glad i’m forgiven though, and yeah, you nailed why I love it so much. Bingo!xx

  2. Becky says

    I change my mind allllll the time so I have his back on this one! And those fishes are tremendous btw so a win really! Can’t wait for the pictures…..

  3. Ha ha, I love your confession! I have similar issues with getting my OH to agree on decorating related issues, so feel your pain. Glad you got there in the end though. The design you’ve chosen is very quirky and unusual, but I reckon it’s going to look at right at home in your living room.

  4. Always better to be a trend setter I say. It’s boring following trends. I love your choice and can’t wait to see the photo’s. x

    • Well this design is from 2013, so not sure if i’m setting any trends with my fish. But i’m really glad you like Acquario. Can’t wait to get this room moving!x

    • Well I couldn’t possibly say that Kate… 😉 I have to admit i’m pretty lucky with my OH. (He’s standing looking over my shoulder right now 🙂 )

  5. Wow, wow, wow!! I love this more than all your other choices put together. It is going to look fabulous in that room. Fish are certainly a weird and quirky choice but somehow they just draw you right in don’t they? You’re definitely forgiven!!

  6. Ha! Chuckling away at your OH persuasion tactics! That’s hilarious. The ‘invite the OH’s opinion as long as it aligns completely with yours’ thing NEVER goes on in the Taylor household 😉

    Yep and the changing your mind thing. I do it all the time…and I have a marvellous phrase that I like to use if ever questioned about it…’cos reasons.’

    As to the wallpaper…Never invite me round because they are just crying out to have little fishy speech bubbles artistically drawn with a Sharpie pen 😉

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