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Jumbo & Friends

Today i’d like to introduce to you a brand new design company based right here in the U to the K.

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Jumbo & Friends have landed, excitedly bringing their fresh perspective on children’s furniture with them. And I love it (and kind of want it all).

It all began in 2013, when the creative founder, Esther fell pregnant and began the search for a cot for her son’s bedroom. Let’s just say she wasn’t really feeling what the current market had to offer.

“that’s why I decided to create something different that would make children’s furniture more exciting, beautiful and engaging so that it becomes part of their world and ours, and makes it better!”

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Esther and her son

A lady after my own heart. If it doesn’t exist, make it so!

Launching the website just last week, these guys are already firing on all cylinders. After an energetic phone interview with Esther and this ten second video teaser of what was to come, I knew Jumbo & Friends had to make it onto the blog. Beautifully handcrafted birch plywood anyone?

They have nailed that clean, minimal, Scandi vibe and introduced it into the nursery. Jumbo, Zorro and Tui are not referred to as products on the site, but “Characters”. And you can see why. These are not ordinary pieces of furniture, they provide so much more than function, they will be friends for little people, providing hours of imaginative play and creative thought.

“At Jumbo & Friends we believe our children’s world should be fun, engaging and above all, special. We caringly craft furniture to help parents like us create the perfect environment and inspire the development of our precious little ones.’

Let’s meet Jumbo & his friends then.



“Our inspiration for this design is the real life ‘Jumbo’, the legendary African elephant. He was the first elephant of this type to arrive in Europe, living in the exquisite Jardin des Plants in Paris in the 1860s. London Zoo was quick to acquire him to the excitement of thousands of children across the UK who loved visiting and riding on him during his stay at the zoo. His is such a colourful story, bringing so much joy to children way back then that we thought we’d borrow it for our very own elephant cot.”


Jumbo has a bed conversion kit available, turning the cot into a junior bed that should give your little one a good night’s sleep up until the age of four-ish. Oh and a bookshelf is hidden behind Jumbo’s ears for bedtime reading. Genius.


Jumbo and his friends are all custom made using high quality and responsibly sourced materials. All wood is hand finished with natural products and water based paints to and keep your furniture as good as new.



“Zorro is a charming toy cot, perfect for your child’s teddies and other toys. This small cot is the ideal size and weight to encourage interaction and creativity and makes for a perfect addition in your child’s toy collection at home. And as a bonus for parents, it looks great anywhere at home!”


As a parent myself, storage is like the holy grail. Children’s toys come in so many teeny tiny bits, so having somewhere to put them that actually adds to the overall design of the room, well it gets top marks in my book. In fact I could see Zorro being used for cool, minimal storage throughout the home, for books, blankets, magazines….



“Tui borrows its name from the oldest tortoise recorded in history, Tu’i Malila, whose age was verified at 188 years old. In Tongan language where the creature spent most of its life, Tui means King. We think the name perfectly suits our Tui, our King of Tidy!”

This super stylish, curvy storage box comes with a lid, perfect for hiding away all those toys at the end of the day. It also transforms Tui into a handy children’s bench or mini desk. Multi-function furniture, another parent’s favourite.


Like what you see?

Jumbo & Friends are excited to announce their launch event in Islington at the end of the month. So get yourself down there on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of January for a chance to meet the team and check out their beautiful handcrafted furniture for yourselves.

Can’t make that weekend? Fear not, they’re sticking around until 6th Feb for some rather special pop up delights, so if you’re down that way,  go say hello, Esther and co would love to meet you.





  1. I’m liking Esther’s entrepreneurial spirit, and birch ply is the way to go! I think people are scared to take on traditional furniture and especially children’s furniture where there is such an emphasis on safety etc, and bring new techniques, materials and design to it, so a brave move here, and well done. Wishing Jumbo & Friends every success.

  2. Jen Stanbrook says

    What a lovely collection, the elephant cot/bed is so cute and will be very popular.

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