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Wallpaper Overdose

You guys gotta help me. I’ve been in a serious wallpaper haze for the past week. I’m totally binged out on pattern, design, graphics, colour, texture…. My OH is about two more times away of being asked “What do you think of this one?” from punching me in the eye.

Just to catch you up, in my last post, I gave you a lil’ tour of Making Spaces, HQ. The feedback was pretty awesome. And unexpected. Made me super smiley, so thank you very much indeed.


This wall needs paper. Wallpaper.

This is the offending wall. It needs help. And i’ll tell you for why….

Our Heal’s Club sofa is quite possibly the most comfortable sofa ever. And huge. It can fit two people lying down with ease. But it’s also a big soft, velvety chocolate blob that does not photograph well.


Photo by Olly Gordon for HomeStyle Mag

This is how the room looked last summer, in a shoot for HomeStyle Magazine. This is the equivalent of my sofa’s school photo. Standing straight, on its best behaviour, with nicely combed hair.

Lots has changed in the room since then. The art has been moved around, new lamps, plants etc. My previous post shows you the score as of Jan, 2016. But that wall behind the sofa is screaming out for something a bit mad to break up all that cream and brown-ness. I’ve never chosen a wallpaper before mainly because i’m just too faddy and have a constant desire to change everything. All the time. Paint is easy to update. Wallpaper not so much. So i’ve been searching for something that’s going to give me a real “wow” but also some design longevity.

And so, after a week of some seriously hardcore wallpaper porn, here are my top picks.



Vestige – Graduate Collection

A warm, mustard backdrop covered in a plethora of mounted animal heads. Kinda cool, no? I really like how the monochrome sketches completely juxtapose the rather vintage-esque tradition of taxidermy.

“From ancient deer to a rather dashing wild boar all are here on this Vestige wallpaper design from Lisa Bliss that features native British animals on a rich mustard colour backround. Intricately hand drawn British beasts that would have commonly dressed the walls of our past aristocracy can now adorn the walls of your lodge or city pad with our modern take of a bygone era.” 

I reckon the brown, velvety sofa would look pretty gorgeous with this as the backdrop. Thoughts peeps?



Cole & Son – Riviera

Part of Cole & Son’s Geometric II range, of which I adore pretty much every design. This is just too cool for school.

“Offering a softer and more graceful take on the geometry and linear styles of the Art Deco period. Riviera features gently curved interlocking ovals printed in a softly raised textured finish.”

Such an elegant but very contemporary design, nailing the current trend for bold coppery metallics and dark tones.



House of Hackney – Blackthorn – Black

I’m not gona lie, Blackthorn from House of Hackney is my current favourite. And you will see why in photo number two….


House of Hackney – Blackthorn – Teal

Do you see them?

**whispers** The skulls! (Sssshhh. Don’t tell my OH. He’ll never notice.)

“As part of the House of Hackney x William Morris collection, BLACKTHORN is reimagined and remastered for this special collaboration. Originally designed in 1892, the Art Nouveau design features hawthorn, daisies, tulips and foliage.” 

Oh my word. I want to wallpaper my entire body with this. I can’t quite decide which colour way I prefer so samples of both must be ordered, STAT.



Barneby Gates – Honeybee

My 3 y/o would love this one. He loves saying honey bee. Awww.

“A geometric honeycomb interspersed with bees, created using the traditional surface print technique for a hand-stamped finish.”

This lovely little Regency-esque number combines four of my design loves; geometric, bees, black and gold. It’s cute eh? But is it enough to bring that big brown pudding of a sofa to life?


Barneby Gates - Pineapple - Charcoal - Set Shot_845327.jpg

Barneby Gate – Pineapple – Charcoal

I really love the statement versus simplicity of this repeat pattern.

“Often considered a symbol of hospitality in the home, Pineapple is available in a vibrant pink / red for a fresh contemporary vibe, or a deep charcoal with golden fruits for a moody raj-style room.”

I’d like to get at least three or four years out of this wallpaper choice. Are pineapples going to be still rocking our interiors in 2020? This might just be a little too “on trend” to be a safe bet. Thoughts?



Cole & Son – Miami

I would just like to state for the record, before you all tell me to pick this one… I cannot afford it. I know, it’s a travesty. This beautiful most insane masterpiece by Cole & Son is £295 a roll. But, bloody hell fire, isn’t it wonderful? Another winning design from the Geometric II range.

“Inspired by the colourful and exuberant architecture of South Beach, Miami and the lush and tropical vegetation of the region, the Miami wallpaper depicts giddy layers of elegant tiled terraces, colonnades and pillars, interspersed with verdant palms and exotic flora.”

If I had my choice this would be the one. And you know what? This is the one my OH likes out of them all. Who’d have thunk it?



So the heavenly seven (at the moment) are:


So now you HAVE to help me. It’s the law. Which is your favourite? And which one can you see in Making Spaces HQ, snuggled up against soft black walls? I’ve got to the point where I can’t even see them any more. You know like when you say the word “with” over and over again and it stops sounding like a real word?? No? Just me then.




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