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Some Hella Sexy Shelves

Happy New Year!

What better way to celebrate the start of 2016 than eyeing up some rather sexual shelves?

I know. I’m a mind reader. You were just thinking about how fed up you were with all that festive nonsense and just wanted to ogle some bloody good shelves.

Let me help….


If you remember where we were in the Sherwood Forest project, we were eagerly awaiting the creation and fitting of some rather special storage. Cue, Bare Joinery, an amazingly creative duo of highly skilled joiners, crafters, makers, movers and shakers. Lucky for me, they’re based in Leeds. About five miles away from my project. But they work all over the country and are always mega busy.



The shelving design. In my mind.

After Bare Joinery’s initial visit, where I waved my hands around a bit and pointed a lot, Evan and Chris managed to decipher my shelving design ramblings and created exactly what I had envisioned.



I didn’t want any more furniture taking up floor space but the room needed to house a shed load of books, memories, taxidermy and more books. The unit was designed to hang in the living room, above the sofa. Smack bang in the centre of the space. Meaning the design needed to work in terms of function, but needed to look seriously shit hot too.

Yes siree.


The shelves were given gentle curves echoing the Art Deco period of the house. Edges and corners were not going to work in this room at all.


The curves also meant the design could incorporate deeper, more substantial, shelving in the corner of the room. Perfect for those chunky cook books and volumes all about evolution…. we all have them don’t we?


(Sorry. Camera phone pic)

I really wanted the unit to appear as part of the wall, kinda organic, so we colour matched a sprayable paint with Valspar’s Sherwood Forest. Perfect.  A little retro design detail was added, by painting the shelf dividers within the unit Storybook Sundown. A nice little orange pop in keeping with the rest of the room.


Evan doing a nice lunge whilst Chris does all the work. (And I stand there taking photos and not helping at all).

The next bit involved lots of drilling and mess. I went to make tea……

Making Spaces bespoke design

And here they are. The shelves in all their glory. Beautiful aren’t they?


Each section of the shelving had been considered in terms of size. There were several large items destined for this space so we had to make sure they would find a home.


They blend perfectly into the wall and despite the size, the unit doesn’t dominate. Once there’s a sofa sitting underneath, the proportions will be perfect.


The flashes of retro orange go perfectly with the vintage Penguin Books and melamine tea set.


The curves catching the light beautifully.

I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out. As are my clients. Which obviously is much more important than what I think. Apparently.

The whole aim of this project was to bring two people’s belongings together. And obviously make the room look amazing in the process. It’s not always easy to combine a couple’s belongings in one room. And then there’s children that ruin any space as soon as they enter, with all their plastic beeping nonsense. We all have so much “stuff” these days and less and less storage. Another Ikea Billy bookcase is not always the answer. Investing in something well designed with your specific needs in mind, can give you something that works perfectly AND looks amazing.

Would you consider a bespoke piece of furniture for your home? How many problems would it solve?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Would you have thought of something like this for your home?



  1. Sexy shelves indeed – absolutely gorgeous, that pop of orange is just perfect. Love that they are designed especially to bring two disparate sets of belongings together in harmony. If I ever had to combine my boyfriends with mine, I’d be in dire need of you, Evan and Chris, but I think solo living might mean less headaches all round! Fab job Karen, as always, and thanks for sharing.

  2. Love, love, love these. The colour, the shape, the fact they sneak round the corner. Great work. and I think you’re right about bespoke storage solutions – we had wardrobes built in in our attic room. Hated the company that fitted them and the process was awful, but the end result is so much better than having two ill-fitting pieces of furniture jammed under the sloping ceilings!

    • Thanks so much Jill. Really glad you like the shelving unit. I kind of want some for myself now. Couldn’t agree more with getting something fitted for the space. Then once it’s done, it’s done and doesn’t need fiddling with.

  3. What fantastic shelving. Love that it has been designed around the contents it has to house. I have vowed that 2016 is the year I will get rid of all the belongings I have lugged from house to house for the past 8 years but never once used. Then I will have more space to display the things that really matter.
    These people are so lucky to have you working on their house x

    • Oh Stacey, that’s so lovely of you to say that. Thank you. It’s definitely worth downsizing your belongings. Especially when little people have so much extra stuff to find places for. It can be so hard to get started, even more so when you have a newborn. It will get done, but be kind to yourself right now. Happy to help if you need x

  4. Oh HELL YEAH these are some sexual bastards right there!! I adore the design and all those fabulous curves. They look wonderful painted to match the walls (with that pop of orange! Genius!) and your clients are indeed lucky to have you! xx

    • Haha. That made me do a little LOL (I never say LOL). Thank you thank you. You guys are gona make me cry ya know. 🙂 It’s been such a fantastic project to work on. It’s really stretched me. I’ll be sad when it’s done… but a few more exciting pieces to come!x

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