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2015 – The Best Bits

This will be my very last post for 2015 peeps. And what a year it’s been for Making Spaces. Almost too much to write about in just one blog post, most of which I could never have expected. At all. It’s all a bit surreal to be honest, in the best of ways.


This time last year, I spotted this candle. Bought it, read it every day and let it burn over New Year’s eve. It made me move. Move forward. Do what i’d dreamt about doing. I had no idea if it was pure fantasy, but 2015 was the year I was going to bloody well find out.

2015 End of Year Report


  • Designed and built my website.
  • Set up Making Spaces – Ramblings.
  • Written 92 posts (About 55,000 words).
  • Styled, photographed and edited over 1000 photos.
  • Completed seven interior design projects.
  • Completed nine DIY projects.
  • Appeared in Sunday Times Home section, Ikea Hackers, Homestyle MagazineHomestyle Magazine, twice.
  • Written for the Metro and DIY Lifestyle Magazine.
  • Been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award.
  • Been featured by Abigail Ahern.
  • Had some rather outstanding reviews on Houzz.



It’s certainly been a year to remember. And i’m so grateful to anyone and everyone who has liked, shared, commented, followed, favourited, retweeted, pinned or re-grammed any of my interior design ramblings. Each and every time i’ve heard my phone or laptop “ping” it’s given me such a confidence boost. You really have no idea. So, thank you. I mean it.

I shall end this year’s hard graft with a quick round up of the top five blogs posts. The ones that had the most hits. Not necessarily “my” favourites, but yours.

Let’s take a look…


Number 1.

Goodbye wall

Before & After – The Open Plan Kitchen – April, 2015

I’ve gotta say, this took me a whole day to write. But i’m so glad i’ve got this recorded somewhere to look back on. Amazing to see the before and after pics.

Number 2.

Geometric Desk Top

My MCM Geometric Desk – March, 2015

I could never have expected the reaction to this DIY make-over. The room will be re-done again this year with a new desk no doubt, but I really enjoyed creating this and sharing on my blog. Oh and it made its way onto Ikea Hackers too.

Number 3.


Vintage Home Show #designupnorth – October, 2015

What a great day this was?! And I got my gorgeous burgundy Anglepoise for the Midtown Magic project from here, so I shall always look back fondly at this event. Can’t wait until next year’s.

Number 4.


Home Office in a Day – November, 2015

Does what it says on the tin. My blog stats went a bit mental when it was posted. I even surprised myself with this one tbh. What a difference a day makes eh?

Number 5.

Ikea coat hooks

The Blue Room – Final Reveal – August, 2015

Aaah. The Blue Room. I adored working on this re-design. A complete transformation of a bedroom. Seriously, if you didn’t read this one, you have to take a look.

And so onto 2016…. Making Spaces has a fair bit in the pipeline, some of which made me so excited I did a little dance around my kitchen table. I seriously can’t wait to share next year’s ramblings with you all.

Happy New Year peeps.image.php.jpeg



  1. Inspirational! Well done on a fantastic year. I am just starting out myself so it is so encouraging to see the journey you have been on. I have just recently discovered your blog and I must say it has a lovely feel to it. I particularly love your photographs (being into photography myself) which are way beyond snapshots and ooze quality (digging the depth of field). I wish you every success in 2016.

    • Thank you so much Jane. That’s so lovely to hear. Really glad you’ve found my blog useful. And yes, photography is something i’ve worked hard on this year, so thank you once again for the amazing feedback 🙂 It’s nice when people notice! I shall look out for you next year online. All the very best to you in 2016 too!

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