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The Right Side of the Bed


Remember my bedroom? The Midtown Magic project? I wanted to show you how it’s coming along.

  • We’re still sleeping on the floor
  • I still have a box for a bedside table

We are literally counting down the days until our bedroom furniture arrives. Forget the advent calendar. It’s all about a bed this December.


We do however have my Ogilvy bedside light from fitted and my art has finally arrived from Society 6. So happy to finally have something on my side of the bed.

Let’s have a nosey.


I was planning on a black and brass mini pendant light from Nook London, but unfortunately there was a delay with production, so I had to continue my search and luckily found the Ogilvy Wall Light from which was a) perfect design wise and b) on a 2-3 day delivery timescale. Boom.


“Task lamps always look really cool and industrial in living spaces. So we’ve taken that style for the Ogilvy Collection. A sleek, practical addition to our Deco Luxe look.”

It’s a great design. Love the little brass details, the monochrome fabric cable and the ability to swing and angle the lamp in a range of positions.


Baroque Perception by Alex Garant


It’s so striking isn’t it? I’m so happy to finally own some work by Alex Garant, she’s an amazing artist. In awe! And this is right by my bed (well the space where my bed will be when I have one) so I get to look at this little lady every day.

The frame and mount were ordered from You can upload your images onto their online frame designer enabling you to visualise your artwork in its frame and mount before you order. I would never had picked a black mount had I not seen how it made the print pop in the online preview. Really nice function. Will be back soon i’m sure.


Marianna Ruben Ireland


Marianna’s here everyone! I love her so much already. I’m actually a bit giddy I have her in my home. She is stunning. Thank you Mr Ireland, your artwork floats my ocean liner.

I’m not sure if Marianna will live in this frame. What do you think? I will stick with it for a while before it gets hung. Although for now she is looking mighty fine sitting by my side of the bed.


And all of my ladies. Aren’t they beautiful?

You can read all about the Angelique Houtkamp print (the one on the left) here.


So, only one more update to come for this room really. The bed and bedside from Maisons du Monde. I shall report back as soon as it’s here, although you may hear me crying tears of joy when they finally arrive. Eeeee!






  1. LOVE that blue feature wall Karen! Works perfectly with the artwork and new lamp – great picks! x

  2. It’s already looking great so can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. The colour of that wall is just so divine and the lamp looks great against it.

  3. Gorgeous room lovely! I’m obsessed with that wall colour and the plant and artwork just work so well – Gorgeous!

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