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Bah Humbug


So yeah, it’s December. Which for me is a bit stressful. Apparently, we have to have loads of random stuff hanging up in and around our houses? Kept that quiet everyone, i’ve barely heard anyone mention Christmas at all….

Being a bit of a minimalist, clean lines, no faff etc, means the festive season leaves me torn. In a slightly Natalie Imbruglia-esque way.

We all like a nice carol don’t we? A bit of mulled wine and a mince pie. But, my memories of Christmas, as a child at home are giving me flashbacks. Flashbacks of tinsel, shiny plastic bells, flashing lights in every window, angels, more angels, nativity scenes, candles, tinsel on banisters, hanging from the ceiling, wrapped around anything that was wrap worthy, blu tac, yellowing sellotape and these bloody things that we systematically had to fix back to the ceiling. Every morning.

colorful decorations

I’ve managed to get away with not really doing the full on Christmas thing so far, despite OH wanting shiny stuff and twinklies so bad. I’ve gotten away with keeping it low key. Just a few touches here and there. Subtle (a candle). Very.

This December our son turns three. It’s the first year he “gets” Christmas and it’s going to be amazing. I love watching his face when he spots a Santa or Rudolph somewhere and he’s learning all the Christmas songs at nursery which is just too cute (“Little Donkey….” **melts heart). So this year, full of seasonal love and joy, i’m attempting to do Christmas a little more flamboyantly. I’m laughing.

Here’s what i’ve gone and done…. **grits teeth**


Habitat Twig LED tree and Dazie Bells

  • Black – I can do black.
  • Bells – Yep. I can cope for a month.


My DIY Interactive Art getting its seasonal update.

  • Mulled wine – Yep. One month is fine. Then my teeth hurt.


Can’t go wrong with a bit of red as your Christmas accent colour.


Habitat Daffey Garland

POM POMS! Thank god. Something that resembles tinsel, that IS NOT tinsel.


An amazing find from Homebase of all places. An astroturf Rudolph for £9.99. Erm, yes, he’s nice and unconventional with a touch of conventional. I shall be taking you home. Get in my basket.


Dressed with some Habitat Daffey Pom Pom decorations. Doesn’t he look a treat!? Oh and a load of gorgeous Habitat fabric baubles sitting pretty in a black bowl. They will end up on a tree (once we’ve got one) but for now, they’re here, taking up much less space than a tree.


And the overall look so far… what do you think? Is this flamboyant enough?


I added some teeny tiny baubles onto my doll head plants. What could be more festive than that?


I got this last year from Ikea for about £3. I actually got three in total, but this enormous one has taken centre stage in our living room and when it’s lit, it does actually look pretty cool.

Ok Christmas… i’m starting to warm to you.


STARS! Aint they so purty? 🙂


The kitchen, only needs a little tickle to raise the festive level. It’s all white in there, and whilst it’s a great size for a kitchen/diner it’s not got the room for a tree, life sized singing Santa or free standing mulled wine dispenser.


The STRALA lanterns from Ikea, were picked up last year for about £2 a box. Really handy for plonking extra twinkle where there’s no socket.


These red felt garlands were a fab find from Sainsburys a couple of years ago. I wish i’d bought about another four packets as everyone comments on them. Very cool.


 Santa is Coming to Yorkshire!


And another one of those Ikea lights, this time, the smaller version in white. So simple to add to a space. Plug in and go.

So am I getting there? Add a tree into the mix, a bit of Phil Spectre on the wireless, the log burner going full pelt and some Christmas PJ’s. Will this do?


Just to bring the tone back down, here are my Rosie Made a Thing Christmas prints. I purchased them last year. I adore them. They are very moi and only offend 2% of visitors which isn’t bad going.

Bah humbug everyone 🙂 enjoy “festivising” your homes this December. Keep away from that tinsel.



    • Oh Karen, i’m so glad you posted. I was panicking i’d annoyed all my readers. I’m far too Northern for my own good sometimes. Glad I made you chuckle 🙂
      And defo go and get a Rudolph. He’s a keeper!

    • Phew!! I was waiting for your feedback Kimberly as the queen of maximal interiors. I wondered how you’d find the quirky/minimal alternative. And YES!! Get some prints, Rosie does some amazing designs for cards and prints. I love her work!xx

      • Hahaha! As I was reading this, I thought, ‘Oh my god, she must hate my house!!’ I’m kind of like some kind of psychotic fairy, “ALL THE THINGS EVERYWHERE!! MORE GLITTER!! WE NEED MORE SPARKLE!! MORE MORE!!” LOL! Will definitely check out her shop! xx

        • Hahah. I ADORE your house. When you see my Sherwood Forest project finished, you’ll see that I can do it… I’m getting better at it!!xx

  1. I used to love going all out at Christmas with stuff hanging everywhere but since we bought our teeny flat and had kids I’ve gone far more minimal. I love what you’ve done here, enough to get the festive feeling but not so much that it takes over.

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