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Meet Ned

Ned BHS Lamp

Ned Table Lamp – BHS

Ned’s a lamp. A lamp from BHS. Yes. BHS. I’ve already written about BHS lighting. About how amazingly design led it is. And very affordable.

Ned BHS Brass Lamp

“Ned table lamp is a mixed Antique brass and black task lamp. With an adjustable head.”

If you’ve clicked to see how much Ned is, it says £50, down to £40 (at the moment). BHS are always doing flash sales and often reduce by a further 20%. This made Ned £32, with free delivery. £32 for a sexy antique brass table lamp delivered to your door. Amazing.

I eagerly awaited its arrival as I was keen to see the quality. Does it look like a £32 lamp? And more importantly, does it feel like one? ie. Topple over when you reposition the angle of the lamp. I hate lamps that need assistance in standing up. So needy.

BHS brass task lamp

Well it arrived yesterday and I’m so chuffed. It’s such a great piece. Looks good. Functions well and has a great weight to the base so Ned isn’t falling anywhere. It also comes fitted with a black fabric electric cable which always makes me feel i’m getting something a little more considered. Black plastic wires are always a bit acky when they’re out on display.

BHS ned lamp

I took theses photos this morning, still pretty dark outside but it meant I could show you the lamp doing its thing. You know, shining light.

Ned brass table lamp

Lovely chunky brass fittings which allow you to adjust the height of the lamp. Perfect for a desk or bedside table too.

BHS Ned Task Lamp

The best bit though. You know I said it was £32? Well obviously because i’m a Yorkshire lass and committed to saving money, I went through TopCashback and got 8% cash back. So another £2.50 ish back into my account. Making this little brass beauty £29.50 delivered.

Say what??? 

I wrote a blog all about how to get the most bang for your buck which is definitely worth a look if you’re a big online shopper like me.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and if you’re off to a bonfire tonight. Wrap up, keep warm and stay dry. Wooly hats at the ready!


  1. I’ve never really considered BHS for lighting but after seeing ned I guess I better head straight on over there and take a look. What a bargain you bagged. He looks much more expensive!

  2. Lizzie @ smallspacepeople.com says

    Oh my gosh…I have memories from childhood of time spent in the BHS lighting department…searing under the halogen heat for what seemed like hours. Blast from the past. I thought they were long gone to be honest, but Ned is looking rather lovely. I’m in the market for a new floor lamp so I’m going to check them out!

    • Yes do! BHS have some fab lighting. Check out Artie my latest floor lamp in my Living Room update post.
      Thanks for popping over Lizzie!x

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