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An empty space. Full of green possibilities…

The Sherwood Forest project is coming along nicely and now we’ve got to the fun bit. You can catch up on its intro here.


The room is empty! (ish)

Curtain poles down. Skirting ripped out (where it needed to be) and doors being sent off for a good ole stripping.


The old fireplace has already been removed and remodelled. You can read all about how that went here. Carpets ripped up and out. Floorboards booked to be repaired, replaced where needed, sanded and stained.


Such a large space to redesign on a budget, so it’s all about the colour. Using a bold colour is the best and most cost effective way of getting a high end design look for a price that doesn’t bust the bank. Valspar’s Sherwood Forest and Storybook Sundown made the cut.

Valspar Colour Palette

And a sample of the gold velvet which is being used to make the enormous full length curtains for the bay window.


My clients have already got some key pieces of furniture. Like this oak Art Deco cabinet which is most definitely staying.


I found a match of the old skirting board at Skirting4U. I’ve learnt a lot of about skirting board profiles this last month. Who’d have thunk there would be so many!!? A new 4m length of “Ovolo” will be fitted once the floorboards are sorted. It’s coming with a cable recess so all those horrible wires will be hidden from view. Nice.

So today, the decorating begins. The ceiling, walls and woodwork are getting some serious love. And this will give us a large blank green canvas to work with and rebuild the room. I’m so excited to see it come to life.

Bearing in mind the concept for the room, “Retro Gentlemen’s Club with a dash of Taxidermy”, here are some items i’ve either already ordered or got my eye on…

It’s going to be bonkers amazing. These guys are GOING FOR IT and I can’t wait to put it all together for them. The project will be moving forward slowly over the next couple of months. To spread out the cost mainly, but also so they can feel comfortable with the space and how it evolves. This way they know if they’ve made a large purchase, it’s because it was needed. Function and form, people. Get your money’s worth.

A lot of people think Interior Design is something like “Changing Rooms” or “60 Minute Makeover”, aka – give us a day to paint your walls lime green and hang a generic tryptic canvas of some flowers. **shudders**. If anyone knocks on your door with a film crew and lots of people dressed in white overalls wielding a paint brush and asks you to leave for the day…. Shut that door. Lock that door. Do not open that door! Interior Design is a process, a process that involves you, the client. And my job hasn’t finished until YOU love your space.

“Karen’s strong points are her practical, achievable yet creative ideas. She doesn’t design rooms that are only nice to look at in pictures. We’ve got to live in them too”

Hell yeah!


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