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Mid Century Score – Pt 3

It’s a Saturday quickie peeps. I’m full of cold and feeling properly sorry for myself. Mainly because it means I can’t gorge myself on Halloween fun and drink tonight. Unless it’s something tasting of paracetamol and lemons. Eugh.

Loughborough chest of drawers

Just wanted to show you my eBay find in situ which I mentioned in a previous post last week. My Mid Century walnut drawers looking rather resplendent against the dark teal walls. A colour that I still can’t capture very well.

Doctor Nikola

This photo shows the wall colour better. I so wish I could invite you all around so you can see it in real life. Anyone??

Also some pieces i’ve been collecting over the last few weeks to dress the room. Two metal vases/pots in a distressed finish. £3 for the large and £2 for the smaller one. £5 for two. From Netto. I know. Good eh? And that little coppery brass tray was two squid. I bought two for drinks/candles as I think coasters always look a bit cack. Trays are a little more thought out and look as though they’re meant to be there. It also means I can carry all of the night before’s bits and bobs down stairs in a one-er.

That picture (which is still to be framed) is a free download from the British Library’s quite amazing collection of images. Over a million to peruse. It’s a must if you’re looking for vintage and quirky art. The image above is from Doctor Nikola. I was drawn to that stare, the faded yet rich colour and the black cat with green eyes just makes it.

Glass bowl skull necklace

A huge glass bowl which we use to keep all of our “shrapnel”, as my dad calls it. It’s also good to keep my nicer jewellery on, and because I actually see it, it means I  wear it more. Win.

Loughborough mid century drawers

Big thanks to olivemodern for the fantastic customer service in getting this stunning piece of furniture to Yorkshire. Manufactured by a company called Loughborough Furniture, I can’t find much about them online but I would love to find out more if anyone has more info. My dad, who is a joiner, went to Loughborough university to learn and study his craft. It’s nice to think my dad perhaps crossed paths with one of their makers during his time down there.

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Fantastic finds (Netto?! Wow!) and that mid-century chest of drawers looks amazing against the dark wall. Now starting to rethink the wall colours for my new home…thanks for that! 😉

  2. welovehomeblog says

    Love that teal…what colour is that teal – it is lush. I never find lovely vintage furniture like that – mine is always needing a lick of paint or starts to fall apart as soon as the paint has dried – ha ha!

    • You’re welcome any time Molly! 😊
      And sorry, Netto is a Scandinavian food store like Aldi and Lidl. There’s only a few around the country but they have weekly updates for lovely home decor pieces so I pop in each week and normally come home with a little something!

  3. What great finds. Love that dark blue wall and how the metal vases stand out against them. I haven’t been on ebay for ages, you have reminded me to re-explore. Lovely post 🙂

  4. I adore the wall colour. So deep and rich and a little mysterious. I have the same trouble trying to capture the valspar blue I painted my bedroom. Furniture looks fab too!

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