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Halloween Styling x 2

You don’t need to buy a load of new stuff to add a bit of Halloween vibe to your abode. Take a look around your house. I spent about 20 minutes having a quick nosey and found enough to show you two different ways of styling your home for the spooky season.

Let’s go…

copper skull head

Halloween Styling No 1.

I’ve gone for rich autumn tones here. Burgundy, oranges, mustards and the pop of copper, punctuated with strong black accents. And the obligatory plant to break it up with some greenery. All styling vignettes must include either flowers or a plant. It’s like the law.

halloween styling

Say hi to Montell. The only new thing I purchased. A copper skull picked up from TK Maxx at the weekend. He’s such a dreamboat. My new favourite accessory. Bought in honour of Halloween, but will remain in our living room as a permanent fixture, fo sho. I think skulls are kind of beautiful. My mum does not.

halloween pumpkin

Skull print gone, added a throw and changed the cushion colour. A little experimenting. Better? Worse?

halloween plants

I love the cover on this Chuck Palahniuk book. Brilliant colours and that face is immense. I’d love to have this framed and hung somewhere.

Halloween Styling No 2.

black and white heads

A Scandi, monochrome Halloween styling vibe. The white pumpkin just makes this shot.

phrenology head

My beloved phrenology head from George at Asda. Not exactly a Halloween item, but I think it works.

lego skull head

The Lego skull head houses my son’s miniature dinosaurs. It would also make an ace plant pot, with the top off, obv.


Obey Giant aka. Andre the Giant by Shepard Fairey. I love this image and have had it on my wall for years. It’s also my phone’s screen saver. A cult classic. Anyone who is into street/graffiti art must own this.

halloween cushion

white pumpkin

Which style do you prefer then? Full out autumnal colour or minimal monochrome?

Have a wonderful Halloween week everyone, candles and pumpkins at the ready!!


  1. oh love your vignettes Karen ! I would normally go for the white pumpkin/Scandinavian look but have to say I love the black baby head and book combo. and do you have several of those skull cushions or is it just me who can see different colours ? x

  2. They’re both brilliant and I’m amazed you had pretty much all of it already lurking in your home! I have a major thing for phrenology heads, but on this occasion I think I prefer the autumnal styling.

  3. I love both, Karen, but I confess to having a secret crush on Montell. So much so, I may have to free my own copper skull from storage. I picked mine up for peanuts at our local Home Bargains, although I did have rather a Supermarket Sweep moment at TK Maxx!

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