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The Million Dollar Floor Lamp

A couple of posts ago, I introduced you to my latest project, Sherwood Forest. Today is just a quickie to show you how something from that project has gone from “meh” to “sshwing!”

In less than an hour might I add.


See that lamp?

white old lamp base

Well, it needed some love. And what better way to love it than to take off that old shade and make it all warm, shiny and coppery. Luckily my clients love copper nearly as much as I do. Whoop!

lamp base

valspar copper spray paint

So with some sandpaper and can of Valspar’s Metallic Copper spray paint I got to work.

Pic from B&Q

one coat

After one coat.

Copper spray paint

After two coats.

Valspar copper spray paint

lamp base after

And so with our new rather glamorous lamp base which in total had three coats for good measure, it needed a new shade.

habitat grande shade

Initally I opted for the Grande shade from Habitat. A simple tapered drum in matt black with a copper interior to reflect the light beautifully. But the shape and dimensions were all wrong. The client also felt it needed a little pattern, so off I went searching for a shade that encapsulated “Africana, retro, mid-century gentlemen’s club chic”.

Low and behold Detola, from Detola and Geek, who has a fab Etsy store.

“It all started from my crazy love of ankara. The popular African material used originally in making clothes for all occasions – be it for everyday, evening, wedding or party wear. It’s vibrant, eye-catching, colourful and easily adaptable.”

And it bloody well is adaptable! Her light shades are awesome and perfect for this project. Take a look:

detola&geek detola&geek lamp shades

I’m torn as to which one would work best with the copper lamp base, but i’m leaning towards the Bulls Eye African Lampshade.

lamp base afterafrican lampshade

I quite like the idea of the clashing pop of the metallic mustard and magenta on the new copper lamp base. All against a dark inky green wall. And at £42 plus the £9 for the copper spray paint, that gives us a stand out, bespoke floor lamp for less than £55.


Which lamp shade would you pick? There are lots more in Detola’s shop and she also does custom made pieces too. Bookmark her page now!


  1. Love copper spraypaint! I must have gone through 10 cans of the stuff only this year!! Its going to look amazing with that lampshade!!

  2. Hi Karen

    You are my new best friend {hugs}

    Thanks for featuring my Detola and Geek Etsy shop & African wax print lampshades

    I really do think the ‘Bulls Eye’ Lampshade will totally rock that lamp base’s world! LOL 🙂 (just my humble opinion)

    Kind regards

    ‘Detola xxx

    p.s I was born & partly-bred in Leeds too!

    • Hey Detola (and fellow part Leeds-ite), you’re very welcome!! And I totally agree with you about it rockin’ that lamp base! Hell yeah!xx

  3. You’re so clever. Every time I spray something it drips all over the place, and then I touch it when it is still wet and leave finger prints on it. Love the shades too – although I prefer your Habitat choice myself.

    • Haha. It’s all in the action. Lots of fast, light layers. And this one is so easy to work with as it dries so quickly. Touch dry in about 30 minutes so you can get on with your life!! 🙂

  4. That lamp base is totally transformed. It looks great although I’m not sure which shade I’d choose. A great up cycling project.

  5. ahh you can’t beat a good can of spray paint, the transformations we have made in this house using a can of paint !
    LOVE! LOVE! ;LOVE! what you did. I would go for the green honeycomb x

  6. I really like the red and brown shade, but the one you like is going to be really striking. I love the copper spray paint, valspar spray paint is great.

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