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Introducing Sherwood Forest

I’m currently working on an enormous redesign of a through lounge. It’s going to be a biggie. I’ve named it Sherwood Forest.


A couple have moved in together. They’ve got too much stuff, differing yet complimentary styles, a four month old baby and severe sleep deprivation. Obv. My job is to bring all of their precious belongings together, including their most precious item, their new baby son and all the gubbins that comes with little people.

Sherwood before

The room needs to be functional for a family, look amazing, have half as much stuff, whilst looking cohesive. All with a twist of the bonkers.

To say my current clients are adventurous in their tastes, is an understatement. One loves mid century, retro pieces and is not afraid of colour AT ALL. The more pop the better. Especially orange pop! And the other describes their taste as “Natural History Museum meets Out of Africa”.


Taxidermy, beautiful teals, blues and peacock feathers.


Retro bright orange phone. Sitting on an art deco walnut drinks cabinet might I add.


Books, salvaged metal letters, a stuffed squirrel and lots of precious stones (precious in sentiment). Oh and a Barbie on a bike. Only just clocked that one.

Right then. How am I going to play this?

After a good chat with the clients, about their loves and hates, how they like to spend their time at home and any ideas they had, I came up with:

“Retro Gentlemen’s Club with a dash of Taxidermy.”

You know the style I mean don’t you??!?? Here’s the chosen colour scheme.

valspar colour scheme

It’s the colour combo on the left to be precise. Valspar’s Sherwood Forest for the walls and all of the woodwork, Gentle Shadows for the ceiling and Storybook Sundown for some cheeky accents around the room. Bold isn’t it?

valspar sherwood forest

I’m a stickler for putting colours all over the wall straight away. It means the project has started and often makes people spring into action. The deep teal-y green works so well with the mid-century vibe AND all things… dead/stuffed/animal based and African. That and it’s a lovely, rich warm colour.

There’s a long list of work ahead, not necessarily in this order but does include:

  • Carpets up. Floors sanded and stained.
  • Fire and fireplace out.
  • New lighting and update some of the lamps.
  • Walls, ceiling and woodwork painted.
  • New curtains.
  • Get rid of a sofa and bring in another one.
  • Sofas and chairs reupholstered.
  • Bespoke funky geometric floating shelving and curved work space to be designed and hand made.
  • And a load more I can’t think of right now.

Luckily, furniture and accessory wise the space already WELL equipped. And with some amazingly cool stuff too. So it’s just a matter of selecting and grouping things in slightly different spaces to make them work together.

Here’s the vibe i’m going for…

So what do you think? I am LOVING the process so far. It’s going to be such a transformation and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Will be back soon with a story about spray paint!

Off to finish my gin….


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