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Mid Century Score

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. I found out I didn’t make it to the shortlisted stages in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this morn. 🙁 I wasn’t really surprised as i’ve only been blogging for six months or so, so to be nominated at all was an achievement indeed. But admittedly I was a bit bummed out. So to cheer myself up, I ate some chocolate and decided to have a drive out and hunt down some bedroom furniture for a project i’m working on. Retail therapy in other words.

Only three miles from home, I quickly indicated right and parked after spotting a few chest of drawers outside a house clearance business in North Leeds.

Let’s have a look-see then. Hmmm…

vintage step ladder

Yeah I like those. Battered step ladder come stool. Perfect for industrial style interiors.

1960's chest drawers

Yep. Mid century chest of drawers that would look pretty cute after a good sanding to get rid of all that orange. But they were a little boxy for me and i’m looking for something with legs preferably. Stay focused!


This was downstairs. Chair land. Everywhere. Some nice little finds down here, but you had to have a good rummage.

Ooh, what’s this cheeky little number…?

trash and treasure leeds

I’ve got a couple of clients at the moment who have been searching for the perfect, high backed, solid wood frame mid-century chair. Et voila. What is this I see before me?? Time to investigate…

After a good half hour of phone calls, photo emailing and negotiations, I get this beauty delivered to my house for a price I think’s reasonable considering the quality and condition. It turns out it’s perfect for one of my clients and they are collecting it tomorrow. Whoop!

mid century recliner

And here she is. How could I not see what she looked like in my own home. I would love to know more about this chair. After some very quick research, it appears to be from the 1960’s, made by Greaves and Thomas, a British furniture company.

mid century armchair

A bit of recliner action.

teak mid century chair

Serious chair porn right here.

mid century teak chair

Such a lovely grain in that woodwork. Just needs a light sand and wax and it’ll be good as new.

mid century teak chair underside

It appears to have been recovered so I can’t spot the manufacturer’s mark anywhere. It will be cleaned up and recovered again soon in a darker fabric so hopefully i’ll be able to find out more about its history then.

mid century teak detail framework

Eee. They don’t make em like this any more.

mid century teak recliner

One helluva sexy chair don’t you think?

mid century teak recliner

Perfect for sshlonking on. My dad’s phrase. Sshlonking = short nap after a big meal (or entire tub of icecream).

Thoughts? Was this a good find? And what are your thoughts for the reupholstery? I’m thinking black velvet and keep the little button back detail…. Can’t wait for my client to come and see it tomorrow!

If anyone is looking for something particular, let me know. I offer a specialist sourcing service and am always finding amazing stuff when out and about on my interior travels. It doesn’t cost much and saves you a shed load of time.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


  1. LOVE that chair! I would cover it in something less plush, but I agree, dark would be perfect, especially when that wood is cleaned up.

      • Somewhere I have a catalog from a company that still sells furniture of that style, although I don’t remember seeing a recliner. I will look for it and send you the info. It is very old school – black and white Xerox catalog, no web site! But really nice furniture like this.

  2. Karen Harper says

    Gorgeous chair! However, black velvet would show up every spec of fibre from clothes etc. Would look fab, but not so practical xx

    • Agreed. I’ve moved towards black woven wool fabric or a soft black canvas since then…. my mind works too fast for my own good sometimes x

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