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20YY 36/370 (aka Cherished Gold)


2016 Colour Palette (COTY = Colour of the Year)

So, Dulux have announced their Colour of the Year for 2016. Oh right, that’s good, what is it?  Cherished Gold was chosen to be “The Special” by AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Center. Who’s that? A specially selected group of experts and international trend watchers from various design backgrounds: Architecture, textiles, product design, graphics and research. They’re all invited to discuss predictions for worldwide social and design trends.

“This process allows us to nominate a number of trends, with one overriding idea that captures the mood of the moment; and then consider how this will influence the consumer.”

Fancy eh?

These trends and concepts are developed further, resulting in unique visual content that aims to engage and inspire us, the customers and consumers.

“Our imagery communicates the latest trends and inspires the use of paint in interior design and architecture. It is a process that ensures our research and forecasting is firmly connected to relevant, modern-day trends.”


 Colour Palette of the Year, 2016.

Think of these as Cherished Gold’s BFF’s. Let’s see some of these colours in full force and see if we’re inspired?


Well yeah. That’s a bit gorgeous isn’t it? Cherished Gold is working with those blush tones a treat and then grounding the scheme with that dark wooden floor. Very nice. Oh and a little pop of metallic gold on that chair?? You clever sausages. I’m sold!


Looking more traditional with a “Heritage” vibe on that panelled wall, but still working for me. This dirty yellow-y, ochre lifts and adds personality, without being too loud and lairy.


Freshening the look with the mint green. I would never have thought that would work, but again. I get it. I’m feeling it. A much crisper look.


Oof. Just lovely with that bitter chocolate below, and the brass details from the mirrors and pendant light just adds a touch of “I know what i’m talking about.”


I’m preferring Cherished Gold to last year’s (2015) Colour of the Year, Copper Blush. It’s much more versatile and easier to add to your existing decor. And I think will have greater longevity. I worked with a similar colour last year and it still looks as fresh today as it did then.

Habitat Cumin Gallery Wall

Making Spaces – Habitat Cumin

Ok, so as part of CF16 they also look into “Trends” for 2016. And this year’s tag line to sum it all up is, “Looking Both Ways”.


No it’s not a road crossing safety slogan. This year, they’ve focused on and celebrated tradition and innovation. Our past and future. By “Looking Both Ways” we can learn and take advantage of  both, to help balance our busy lives.

“Digital and modern techniques are here to stay but we look for inspiration from the past to be able to design for the future. This theme of duality is the driving influence for 2016. For instance, we live in overcrowded urban areas where we lack darkness during the night, yet research shows that we need the dark. Similarly we live structured lives but need to escape the grid to remain ourselves…”

The subject of “duality” is further explored through four more detailed colour palettes. Each one working as equally well with Cherished Gold, but providing you with very different vibes and looks.

CF16 4 palettes

I’m going to focus on my favourite today. Any guesses from the above? What do you think I would pick?

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 09.02.21

Dark and Light Palette

“One of the key trends for 2016 is the importance of darkness…. Research has proven how important it is that we have a restful sleep, to recharge and regroup without the disrupting influence of light…. the Dutch masters of the 17th century showed how their techniques at capturing lustre and the play of light was best portrayed in contrast to dark hues. Many of the colours in this palette blend seamlessly together, recalling the tones of both dusk and dawn..”

This is a perfect mix for me. I’m so into this whole dark vibe at the moment. Having just completed a loft bedroom redesign and painted the entire room, including the ceiling in Valspar’s Deep Shadow (similar to F&B’s Stiffkey Blue), the client said she’s never slept so well. Yet, the room still gets such a lovely light in the daytime. The perfect mix.

Ok, let’s see some of the images from the Dark and Light colour palette. Full of inspiration!


Stunning. I adore this. It’s a brave person to take this on, but I can see me experimenting with this very very soon. Perhaps in my own bedroom. Cue my dad asking why I hadn’t used masking tape.


I don’t know whether you remember, but I did predict dark green would be a great colour for 2015/16, so I wasn’t wrong.


See!? Green again.


Looks like Marsala, which was Pantone’s colour choice for 2015, which to be honest i’ve not seen much of this year. But it looks gorgeous here with those dark inky tones and metallic chair. Maybe it’s on its way finally…?!


Well yeah, blacks, greys and charcoals. You don’t have to convince me of those. They’re still going strong five years on.


A metallic ceiling!! **sigh** and Teal **double sigh**. How classic does this look, but so contemporary and bold too. Bookmark this one. Now!!!


“We have long been obsessed with light, but now realise we also need dark for a healthy, well rested life.”

Hear, hear. Pass me the eye mask and roll down that black out blind. Sleep is the best!!

So what do you think peeps? Have I tempted you to Cherish your Gold? Which use of 20YY 36/370 is your favourite? Have you looked at the four palettes and chosen the one that works best for you? Go take a look!

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