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Interactive Art #loveyourwalls



I picked these enormous gold frames from a charity shop for £7 each. Bargain. One was used one to reframe and update the look of my Ashley Percival poster.


ashley percival stag on bike

Et voila.

I had one frame left but nothing else I really wanted to re-frame, so I decided to go maverick and make my own god damn art. Hell yeah.

If you’re anything like me, then you might be a fan of a slogan or two, motto, life affirming quotes and general feel good fonts. I’ll give you an example of some of my faves:

These are all either hanging on my own walls or have been used in one of my interiors projects. One of my favourites (that I don’t own yet) is by an artist called Ian Stevenson


I love the simplicity, the concept, the fact that someone would actually say that about that space. It’s interiors-y, but takes the piss. Right up my street. Go take a look at some of his work, makes me smile. And smiling is definitely a good thing to do.

So, with this image in mind, I decided to simply write something clever and witty. And frame it. Sounds easy right?

First thing I did was take the old picture out of the frame. I wanted my art to have dark background as i’m “not allowed” to paint any more of my living room walls black, despite wanting to EVERY DAY. So a big piece of black statement art was the way forward. Know what I did? I painted the back board that came with the frame black. Boom. A blank black canvas. Took me about two minutes to paint and an hour to dry.

Black paint

Now, what on earth do I write. And how? It’s not as easy as it sounds ya know. Writing something clever. And i’m fickle, I want something new all the time. Need inspiration on a weekly if not daily basis.

A-ha! How about a super easy updatable piece of art?

  • Step 1. Clean both sides of the glass as if your life depends on it. Black shows up every speck of dust and smear. I used window cleaner and a micro-fibre cloth.
  • Step 2. Frame your painted back board and fasten carefully.
  • Step 3. Get one of these:

chalk board liquid pen

  • Step 4. Write directly onto the glass. Something brilliant preferably.
  • Step 5. Enjoy it.
  • Step 6. Wipe it off with a damp cloth when you’re bored and repeat steps 4 and 5.

please don't lean on the wall

My first attempt. Oh, i’m so funny.

polite notice art

My OH decided this was going to be his message for the day. Lovely. (Do you see how i’ve styled the shot with a small child’s ball?)

3 things I hate

And back to me again. Styled with some apt literature I think you’ll agree.

Now this might not be to everyone’s taste. But I am loving this right now. It’s big, it looks really effective and it was super easy to make. You can update it for events, birthdays, Chrimbo, send each other polite messages and smiley faces, play noughts and crosses, hangman….. endless opportunities await you. You may never need to leave your home again!

What do you think? Could you see this in your pad anywhere? And do you have a favourite phrase, mantra or saying that you’d like to see throughout the day? I’m such a quote junkie and am always saving my faves, but anything that makes reference to “Keeping Calm and…” can seriously do one.

Would genuinely love to hear your thoughts peeps!


  1. Oh. Oh. OH! I bloody ADORE this! Black. Gold. Customisable. Sweaty. AND scratch-free. You rock lady and I am SO going into full plagiarise mode. Will credit you when I do, of course! In the meantime…. PIN! Oh yeah x

    • Haha. Oh i’m so glad you like it. It was soooo easy to make and just looks so good. Better get hunting for a big ole gold frame now then!?x

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