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The Live Table

As you’ve probably learnt by now, I love a bargain. If there’s one to be found, i’ll find it. But I put the hours in. You’ve got to spend the time looking to get real good at it. So on ANOTHER trip to Ikea (Jesus, I know), and during a quick trip to Bargain Corner (which should be called, “Hi Karen nice to see you again), I came across these.

enholmen ikea

Ikea ENHOLMEN, sectional garden chairs.

Priced online at £45 each, these were brand new in their boxes at £10 each. £10!! I had no idea where I was going to put them, but I was damn well sure going to find somewhere. I ummed and aahed about how many to get and decided that as there was only three in our little family, i’d get one each.

We have a smallish patio area which originally had our little bench on which was saved from a trip to the tip. A few screws and a paint job and it was as good as gold again.

green garden bench

It was cute, but always left one of us without a seat. So the plan was to make a little corner sofa with my new purchases and move this bench to the end of the garden which gets the sun late afternoon. Nice. You can read more about my garden updates earlier this July here.

So what’s with The Live Table? Yeah, I had a pallet left over from the outdoor chalkboard project. I wanted to make something useful for the garden, but wasn’t sure what… well with a corner sofa now in situ it was clear we needed a coffee table (for wine glasses. A wine table). Not just a normal boring one though. I wanted to make it a live table!!

And here’s our new outdoor family living space. I love it!!

ikea ENHOLMEN and live pallet table

Our corner sofa which cost us £30. Less than the price of just one chair on the website. Amazing!

Ikea garden furniture

The legs can be clipped together, so the whole unit stays put. Or you can unclip them to give you alternative seating options. So handy.

Pallet live table

The pallet was painted in Cuprinol Garden Shades, Wild Thyme and the base was painted in Muted Clay matching the colour of the Ikea chairs.


The table was made from one large pallet and another smaller pallet. The larger one was cut down to size, the smaller one was taken apart and rejigged to make the underneath framework.

floating pallet table

The bottom section was made smaller to give the table section the appearance of it floating.

live pallet table copper watering can

I purchased a planting tray that slid into the top pallet space. Six holes were drilled into the tray for drainage, then I added some stones, filled it with compost and planted some chives, and shade loving, low lying crawling plants. I hope that in a year or so, i’ll have the centre section completely covered in greenery and the odd flowering plant. Lovely.

live pallet coffee table

I’d also like to add a few solar lights underneath that glow upwards between the slats. A bit of ambience goes a long way, no?!

What do you think? Do you like this idea? It’d be a great way to give your outdoor space some green if you don’t have much space for a lawn. And the best thing is, you could totally use one of these indoors and choose your favourite indoor plants. Now there’s an idea!!


  1. What a great idea, Karen – would never have thought of that! Looks good – and the bargain corner sofa. Love how the chairs clip together! Clever Ikea 🙂

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