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The 50/50 Room.

Want to see the quickest and easiest way to update and redecorate a space? It’s bloody perfect for a bank holiday weekend spruce. Come on, have a look!

nursery before

My son’s bedroom needed a bit of touching up. I stupidly painted this room all white when we moved in 3 years ago. Matt, non wipeable white. Nice move. I really couldn’t be bothered to paint the whole room again. To be honest, most of it was still clean and tidy as furniture had kept his grubby hands and toys away from most of the walls. But the entry wall on the right and sections around his bed were a little worse for wear.

nursery before

So here’s what I did.


Tester of Crown Easyclean – City Blues, in a scrubbable matt finish.

half and half

Masked up with Frog Tape the section I was going to paint.

Use a spirit level, but also go by eye as some bits of wall that were bang straight looked off against the floor and ceiling. Just make sure the entire line looks straight in the room as a whole. This took a little while, but spend the extra time on this bit as the next bit is easy peasy.

going on

I only painted the areas that needed tidying up. To act as the “tough paint zone”.

frog tape off

Frog tape now off and paint still drying. Always remove the tape when it’s still wet otherwise you’ll be in right bother.

still drying

Some teeny tiny areas to touch up with white paint, but on the whole, it looks a good job. If I do say so myself.


Et voila. How cosy does that look? A little blue sleeping nook.

crown city blues

The blue band around the bed meant it kept that side of the room super dark resulting in Charlie sleeping in until 9.15am this morning!! Did you hear that?? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

crown city blues nursery

I love this look so much and it takes no time at all to do. Took me about half a day to update my son’s room. It would look stunning running down a hallway and if you don’t have a headboard on your bed, paint one on!

So what do you think? Could you see this working anywhere in your home? Any plans to decorate this weekend? Well, whatever you’re up to this BHW, have a good one!



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