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In Real Life…

Swoon Editions Sydney Stool - £59

When designing a room, inspiration can be found everywhere, but especially online. I’m always spotting, bookmarking, Pinteresting things that would be bob on for clients (and sometimes for me). It’s not always possible to see everything in person before buying, so online shopping is the only way to get your mitts on the goodies. And whilst virtual shopping is THE best thing since sliced bread, it can also be a right pain if things are not as they appeared when arriving.

Most items for The Blue Room were bought by my own fair hand, in person. So I could see what I was getting straight off the bat. But there were a couple of online purchases where I clicked “Buy” and kept my fingers crossed.

Let’s see how I got on…

swoon ediitons sydney stool

Swoon Editions Sydney Stool – £59

The Sydney stool from Swoon Editions is gorgeous. Industrial, yet chic and delicate. The metal work is much brighter than the online photo made it appear, which in this instance will actually work to this room’s advantage.

swoon ediitons sydney stool

The warm red-toned wood has a beautiful grain and a silky smooth finish. A nice versatile piece for £59.

My first order with Swoon Editions went like clockwork. Really happy with the experience. I received a message from my client the night before that said “GET THAT STOOL!!!”. 7.20am the next morning, in my dressing gown and without even having had a sip of tea, i’d bagged the last one. Felt like a champ.

There was a fortnight wait whilst it was still in production but as stated, it arrived within the two weeks and with a nice one hour delivery slot to boot. Can’t say fairer than that!

swoon ediitons sydney stool

Although this stool is not technically mine, I do think it looks rather dashing as a statement side table next to my leather chair. Don’t you agree? In fact, where ever I put it, it looks stunning. Well jels.

swoon ediitons sydney stool

“With that sculptural, tapered wire frame, there’s no denying the Sydney stool’s Sixties modernist influence. Entirely hand-made, the iron base has been nickel plated and then given an antique finish for a slightly vintage look. The solid mango wood seat is simple in its design, allowing the base to grab all the attention.” Swoon Editions

Habitat Idaho Large Storage Basket - £35

Habitat Idaho Large Storage Basket – £35

And onto the second online purchase, this time from Habitat. The Idaho Storage Trunk is so bang on trend, bamboo is going to go mental by the end of the year with this resurgence of natural, tactile materials.

habitat idaho storage basket

My cat, Chooch, being a diva.

“The Idaho large bamboo lidded storage trunk features a striking combination of zigzags and stripes in black and neutral.
The multi-purpose trunk is great for general storage around the house from toys and clothes to shoes and sports equipment.” Habitat

habitat idaho storage basket

It’s a lovely piece for £35. The design looks so striking in its new home against the dark blue walls. It is very light though, so light in fact when I went to pick it up, I had to check the box wasn’t empty.  Like Habitat say above; good for toys (soft ones), clothes (summer ones)… but not for sports equipment. Unless you do “sporting things” with frisbees and shuttlecocks and cotton wool.

habitat idaho storage basket

Notice the cat picture, stage left.

habitat idaho storage basket

A close up of the lovely bamboo weave detail.

All in all, the online bit of shopping for The Blue Room was a success. More importantly my client is super happy with her new pieces. Her bedroom is looking an absolute treat. I was hoping to get it all photographed by now, but it’s taken a little longer than expected to get it finished. Soz. You will get to see it soon I promise.

I will leave you with this to keep you sweet…. 🙂

ikea ranarp lamp

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