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The Great Haul

**I shall begin by saying that I wasn’t planning on writing about this trip, so didn’t take my proper camera. Which I should have, as I took LOADS of photos. Balls.

ikea entrance leeds

Just got back from yet another trip to the motherland. I was the first one in the store. 9.30am. I meant business. Ikea and school holidays don’t mix. Sorry kids, i’m working. I’ve got lamps and sheepskin rugs to buy. No time for the shufflers and the browsers. Get me to that market place!

We are about to go…. WILD IN THE AISLES!

Arstid Ikea wall light

Two of the ARSTID wall lights to fit over the dressing table in The Blue Room. Boom. In the trolley.

benarp armchair ikea

The gorgeous BENARP armchair in bright tomato red. Very tempting. But not today Benarp. I’m in a Suzuki Swift.

sinnerlig cork stool ikea


The long awaited and limited release SINNERLIG collection by Ilse Crawford has started arriving at Leeds Ikea. The cork stools, alas, they were not in stock. Arse.

sinnerlig cork stool ikea

They were really well made, good quality steel legs, nice details such as the gold feet and rivets along with solid cork seats which were warm and soft to the touch. Comfy to sit on. If you are looking to buy, hurry. These are going to sell like hot cork cakes.

Here’s what Ikea has to say about the collection:

“With attention to the smallest details, these pieces are designed to engage our senses and connect us to our homes. They don’t just look good, they feel good to touch and use.” 

I can see what they mean.

sinnerlig cork stool ikea

Cork, bamboo and more natural, softer materials are going to rocking your world come this A/W into 2016, so get ahead and a grab a piece of seriously good design for an affordable Ikea price.

ikea plates

A shot of the TICKAR plates I look at EVERY TIME I visit Ikea. As discussed over here last month. They didn’t make it to the trolley. Again. I’m so predictable. Yawn.

sinnerlig jug ikea

The last SINNERLIG jug. I can’t believe what a good price they are. They come in three muted colours, green, black and brown. sinnerlig-jug-assorted-colours__0393155_PH128321_S4


The shape and glaze makes them appear almost sculptural. A great investment piece. Luckily, I didn’t have the difficult decision of which one to buy as there was one left. In charcoal. I’ll take that one. Ta.

ikea ps vase

The FIRANDE vase. I thought this was pretty nice for £25. Really unusual and each one is  handmade, making them all unique.

There was a load more stuff that made it to the trolley. Most of it for The Blue Room. Bedding, lamps, rugs, nuff cushions, plants and pots and the like.

Admittedly though, some of it was for me. Look.

Ikea trolley

I’d gotten to the point where I could barely see over the top of my trolley and was struggling not to run small children over. So I wheeled my haul to the checkout hoping it would only come to £100. Haha.

It was a little more.

ikea kex biscuits

I did manage to resist buying a box of these for shits and giggles. Gives a whole new meaning to “Eat my shorts.”

Ikea sinnerlig jug ilse crawford

And a little piccie of my SINNERLIG jug. At home. Looking extremely sexy if I do say so myself.

I shall update again soon when “The Haul” makes it to The Blue Room. Can’t wait!

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