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The Italic Poster


The Italic Poster

How cool is that? The Italic Poster by Eivind Molvær. I spotted it during a little peruse through at{mine} and it sparked me to do a bit of research and find out why a) I’d never seen it before and b) why I don’t own one. How is this even possible? It was designed and produced in 2007 which is when I really started getting into art, prints and all things “wall”.


It’s such a simple concept, but aren’t the best ones always simple?! A clean, monochrome poster with three simple words in bold, cap locks typography. But whack the traditional poster shape on it’s head, make it Italic, and you’ve got a completely genius piece of art.

“If only i’d thought of that??”


The Italic Poster


The first run sold out pretty quickly by all accounts, but another run of 77 (good number) was done in collaboration with rikiki in Germany. They’re currently for sale at €75 (about £53). Not bad for a limited edition, signed, and numbered piece of genius. Although I can foresee trying to get it framed being an absolute bar-steward.

The Italic Postcard

Don’t want to splash out on the full sized piece? Then treat yourself to The Italic Postcard, which comes in at about a fiver. You can’t say no really can you? Not for such a statement graphic design piece.

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