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Free Photography Printables #loveyourwalls

I’m so excited for today’s post. Not only did I get nominated for an IBA… my blog finally gets its own proper address AND a sexy new look to boot. You like? I’ve had to have a nice sit down and a scone to get over the excitement!

But that’s not all. I’ve got something for you that I think you are going to love nearly as much as me. Some amazing FREE PRINTABLES. Get ready to want a gallery wall immediately. Mine is already under construction.

My good friend and amazing “SHOULD BE!” photographer, Martyn Day took these on his recent trip to NY.  I cheekily asked him if I could a) have all the files and b) post them for you to print, frame and hang. For FREE! I gave him my best smiley emoticon and BOOM. Done deal.

If you love brutalist style architecture, concrete, warehouse spaces, industrial buildings, raw materials and monochrome… these bad boys are for you.

Part I.

Free Printables

Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal

I gasped at this one. Did you hear me? Stunning.


Ok, a little “information interval” just to catch your breath.

When built in 1919 by, prominent American architect Cass Gilbert, the Brooklyn Army Terminal was the world’s largest concrete building.

Cass Gilbert, best known for his Beaux Arts and Gothic building styles, was BKLYN Army Terminal’s principal architect. Gilbert designed the US Custom House, the Broadway Chambers Building, the Essex County Courthouse and the highly acclaimed Gothic skyscraper, the Woolworth Building.

BKLYN Army Terminal’s modern utilitarian style was markedly different from Gilbert’s best-known work. Nevertheless, the structure has been recognized by modern architects the world over for its powerful aesthetic and highly functional form.”

Part II.

Brooklyn Army Terminal

Oh man. The colours and light in this one. So organic.

Free Photography Printables

Perfect for my son’s bedroom door when he’s a wee bit older.

Brooklyn Army Terminal window

Brooklyn Army Terminal windows

Brooklyn Army Terminal do not run

Already printed and ready to hang at the bottom of our stairs. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment.

All I could think when seeing these spaces is:

“That would look great for an interiors shoot.”

Which is a bit bonkers as my first thought, but totally ties in with the current trends of raw, industrial and distressed materials. I was mentally placing furniture, art, rugs and accessories in the spaces and it was working for me. A lot.

Part III.

Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn Army Terminal train

My OH’s favourite. Another one to be printed and framed this weekend.

Brooklyn Army Terminal train

Brooklyn Army Terminal roof

Second gasp. This was the one I originally saw and got me hooked. The perspective is amazing and that roof looks like intricate lace above all that concrete. And grass growing all over the train track, adding a soft blanket below. Textural overload.

Brooklyn Army Terminal

Love the little flashes of red through the windowpanes. Like a maxtrix down the side of the building. The balconies look like steps for giants. The scale of the building is just awesome, in its original sense.

What do you think? Are you up for adding some of BRKLYN Army Terminal to your interiors. This really is the perfect way of adding affordable art into your home. All you need is:

  • Printer
  • Photo paper
  • Frame (or maybe not)
  • Wall

The files are pretty large so you can easily print out an A4 and if you’re lucky enough to have an A3 printer then you’ve got yourself some free architectural photography right there. You’re welcome.

I’m so excited to show you these, would love to see them in your homes. Tweet or Instagram me with #loveyourwalls and a photo of your BRKLYN Army Terminal prints at home.

Guys, if you do decide you’d like to print and use, please can you leave me a lil’ comment below and share the post as a thank you? That would be splendid and tremendous.


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