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My Best Bargain Summer Finds

As mentioned in my last post, interiors is my fashion. I’ve got enough clothes to keep me dressed forever and I only ever buy a new pair of skinny jeans and another oversized top anyway. Blah blah…. I get my shopping kicks from finding funky new things to ogle at home. Working from home means I get to see my four walls A LOT. I like to switch things up a fair bit to keep my creative juices flowing and keep the house looking ff-fresh. BUT – this is always done on a budget. I’m not really into spending £30 on a vase that i’m probably going to want to change in a year or so. Finding cost-effective ways to spruce up your space gives me a real buzz.

Take a look what I’ve found this summer so far….

phrenology head

Phrenology Head – £7 – Asda

I am obsessed with skulls, heads, faces. They appear all around the house on cushions, art prints, my new drawer knobs in the bedroom, and a fair few of my oversized tops. I spotted this little cutie after a nightmare trip to George at Asda with my little boy. It was £10 at the time and is now down at £7. Complete bargain. Especially when I’ve seen similar pieces selling for upwards of £50!! No ta. This will do rather nicely thank you v much. So I left Asda with this fine looking chap… and a Star Wars light saber. Obv.

glass vases

Glass vases – £1 each for small ones and £3 for large one – Netto

I couldn’t quite get my head around just how cheap these were. Amazing. I was tempted to buy more, but I had to have a word with myself and I left with just three. One smoked glass vase, one pastel pink and one clear. They look beautiful together. I was actually inspired by some of the images i’d seen on at{mine} where members were posting gorgeous images of #springstyling. That combined with the fact we had NO houseplants, I began investing in small vases and plant pots. Again, I didn’t know if they were actually going to get used so at £5 for the lot I couldn’t go wrong.

glass vases

And you know what? I use them a lot. I bring herbs cut from the garden and keep them on the kitchen side a) to look nice and b) to actually cook with. I always forget to use them when they’re outside. Well I don’t, i’m just too lazy to put some shoes on and go and cut some.

These cheap as chips vases have since been in a photoshoot and always get a compliment or two when we have visitors. £5!! Good design can be cost effective. Just be canny with where you shop!

ikea BITTERGURKA watering can

Watering can – £8 – Ikea

Tray – £5 – Ikea

Now these Ikea items were originally on my Ikea list that never got bought (see last post) but I actually bit the bullet this time and they made it through the checkout with me and my credit card. The watering can is the most beautiful shape ever. It couldn’t be any more me if it tried. Minimal. White and natural wood. Perfect for my kitchen. Like perfect! Since going a bit bonkers with the buying of plants, I needed to remember to water them. And having an actual watering can that I loved looking at, in my face every morning has certainly helped. I feel ever so posh filling my can up and wandering around the house sprinkling water over my precious green babies. I’m going to have to do that after i’ve finished writing this as it’s making me smile just thinking about it. So yet again, another bargainous and useful purchase. My plants are happy fo sho.

The tray. We needed another one after i’d converted an old battered one into Charlie’s playtray. This colourful square number from Ikea was too cute to miss. It’s a perfect size for tea for two, or dinner for one (saddo). The little birdies bring a touch of the outside inside and it’s great for teaching my little boy all about colours. Oh, and one bird looks like an owl so Charlie does his best owl impression when he spots that one.

geometric plant pot

Geometric plant pots – £2 for the large and £1 for the small – Netto

And I shall end with said plants in these here geometric plant pots in a muted stone and light pastel pink . Again from Netto. I flipping love that place. £3 for both. I’ve seen several very similar designs selling for £15-£25 per pot. For a novice plant owner these were perfect for my growing collection of succulents. And so far, they seem happy enough in there.

So a quick tot up, all of the above came in at £31.

£31 for the phrenology head, 3 glass vases, 2 geometric plant pots, a watering can and birdie tray. I’d say that’s probably the cost of one decent vase or plant pot if you were shopping in high end stores. For accessorising your home, find bits and pieces from the highstreet.  It can be a super cost effective way of keeping in the design loop without splashing the cash.

Where are your favourite places to find affordable goodies? TK Maxx? Charity shops? eBay? Tell me all about your best finds! Oh and if you want to check out some top money saving tips when shopping for all things interiors have a click over here.

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