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Up the Wall

Ikea HJÄLMAREN Toy Storage

Ikea has saved us again. We needed some storage for Charlie’s bedroom, but I didn’t want a “unit” as such with sides and doors. And I wanted to keep as much floor space as possible. That meant we needed to go up and what better way to keep the space open and clear than a ladder shelving unit.

Ikea HJÄLMAREN Toy Storage

I spotted the Ikea HJÄLMAREN unit a few weeks ago. It’s priced at £69.99 under Bathroom Storage which I think is a little odd seeing as it can be used in any room. Would make a great bedside table, bookcase, kitchen storage, endless really.

Ikea HJÄLMAREN Toy Storage

My other half was reluctant to go for these as he was concerned about tiddles climbing up them (he’s obsessed with our loft ladders, my decorating ladders… ladders in general) or them being pulled over. But, fear not! These have a bracket which fixes them to the wall at the top. And the shelves are positioned in such a way that you can’t climb. Well so far so good anyway.

Ikea HJÄLMAREN Toy Storage

I picked up a packet of the KUSINER storage pots for £3.50 for small annoying toys. Organising is the best.

Story Books

More space for Charlie’s ever-growing literature selection.

Story Books and Money Box

And Charlie’s vintage money box that belonged to his pops. Keeps his greedy paws of his pennies with it being up on one of the top shelves.

I’m super chuffed with this. Looks great and solves the problem. It’s not nursery furniture so this is a great investment piece which can grow with Charlie or be moved to another room completely. Multi-function furniture that looks great. My fave.

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