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Interiors & saving money?

If you’re anything like me, then you probably have a list of bookmarks or Pinterest boards full to the brim with things you covet, need, admire. I’ve all but stopped shopping for clothes and shoes (well, shoes are still quite high up on the google list), my focus now is shopping for EVERYTHING interiors. For both business and pleasure. Finding pieces for clients can be more difficult than it sounds. Budgets can limit your options and you have to reign yourself in sometimes to fulfil the brief with the number of pounds available.

I want to share with you some ways you can save money on that list that’s growing by the day. Whatever the price online is, you can get it cheaper. You just need to spend a few minutes changing the way you shop.

newsletter discount

1. Sign up to the newsletter. You’re more than likely going to receive a discount code in your inbox within a week or two. Sometimes the next day.

facebook discount twitter discount

2. Follow on Twitter and Facebook. You can get one off codes and sale events posted via these social media feeds. It doesn’t cost anything to click like or follow. Easy.


3. Search for a discount code. I’ve used this one ENDLESS times for all sorts. If you wanted to buy a lamp from BHS for example. Search BHS Voucher Code. There are loads of Voucher sites to snoop at such as MyVoucherCodes and

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 10.05.45

4. Topcashback. Like Quidco, but better rates of cashback and pretty reliable in paying out. It really is free. It really is easy. I’ve been using it for a few years now and have made over £100. If you’re an online shopper, then it really is a must. They’ve also extended their cashback to in store purchases too with certain retailers. You need to add your credit or debit card details to your Topcashback account and when you pay in store by card the cashback goes straight into your account.

Slider_Habitat-Day5. Learning the pattern. So you have a few favourite shops, the ones you go back to for inspiration. Get to know when they do their sale events, discount days etc. I never pay full price at Habitat for example as they always have events with 25-30% off in store and online. Often over weekends or holidays. Bank Holidays weekend are guaranteed discount time. If you’re looking to purchase investment items such as sofas, furniture then wait for a BHW if you can.

6. Reverse image search. This is a good one! I have a client at the moment who has seen some lovely items for her flat refurb, but fall out of her budget. Me being me, stubborn, I was determined to find the same item within her price range. Retailers often sell the same items as other stores, they name or reference them differently so if you search the name or code then it won’t show any other items. But if you search the image – BINGO, you get the same item in all the stores that sell it. And often for varying prices.

So we have this lovely light fitting. The Decorative Bulb Pendant Light, £125 with £5.95 delivery from Cox and Cox

Pendant light

Let’s see if we can find it cheaper. How to:

Go to Google home page. Top right click on Images.

Google image search

Click on the little camera in the search bar and upload or add URL of image you want to search.

Google image search

And you get a search page that resembles something like this:

Google image search results

Now after clicking onto the sites that sell this same light fitting (notice the different names for the item) i’ve managed to save myself a few quid. £10 cheaper, free delivery and 10% off my first order when you sign up to the newsletter. I’ve seen big brand retailers list the same item for £100’s more than smaller online stores because people buy into the branding and advertising. Just have a quick look around to see if you can find what you’re looking for for less.

Cadogan pendant light

7. Contact the retailer. Ask for discount. You can save so much money just by asking. Whenever i’ve bought a large order, more than one item, big one off purchases I have always contacted the retailer and asked if that’s their best price. Can they knock some money off, can they offer free delivery? What’s the worst that can happen? They say no, and you just buy online as normal. But most of the time, they want the sale so always do a little deal for you. I’m northern and I was taught from an early age, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Thanks pops!


8. Price matching. Lots of retailers offer a price match service but also offer a discount on the difference too. Sony price matched our current TV against Richer Sounds, gave us a few quid off their price and delivered the next day too. That took about five minutes to sort over the phone. Easy. Must have saved over £100 off the RRP for a brand new model.


9. Use an interior designer. Making Spaces is an excellent one! **smiles**. We sometimes have access to trade prices or discounts. My ethos is to make good design affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Good design does not mean expensive. Use your money wisely, do your research. It can be done. And within budget.

Have I missed anything? Do you use any other ways of getting discounts or sourcing products? Please share if you do!

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