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I Can’t Decide

Geometric Desk Top

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my Geometric Desk Top. It was part of a mission to kit myself out with a home office without spending any (hardly any) money. I had loads of stuff sitting in the loft going unloved. In a couple of days I ended up with the space above. I was pretty chuffed with myself.

But then as ever, I started getting itchy fingers and the shelf was annoying me. Should it be black? I wrote about possibly painting it. Then that stuck in my head. And then it stayed there for a while, hovering. And yesterday whilst I was messing about with my copper enamel spray paint, I just decided to get on with it and see what happened.

Geometric Desk Top Black Lack Shelf

And here it is. I’m honestly unsure.

I’ve changed the picture as those white frames were not sitting pretty in my eyes (they were a quick bit of wall entertainment just because they were there at the time). This huge poster by Street Artist, Erosie is from this year’s Ikea Art Event. I like it here. It works as a cleaner back drop to the shelf me thinks.

Geometric Desk Top Black Lack Shelf

Geometric Desk Top Black Lack Shelf

Geometric Desk Top Black Lack Shelf

Geometric Desk Top Black Lack Shelf

What do you think? Before or After? Would love to hear your thoughts on this one…!


    • Thanks for the desk love Bati! I can see me switching up the shelf again later this year…. I love playing too much! 🙂

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