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Copper Top

copper spray paint rustoleum

I’ve had this can of Rust-oleum copper spray enamel for weeks now and have been meaning to attack my Arenite table lamp from which was purchased for the living room. I bought it knowing full well that I didn’t want a white base. It had a white base. But i’ve been building up the courage to do something about it, ie. spray paint it copper. Also known as “potentially ruining it.”


I’d also seen these lovely copper dipped plant pots on Not On The Highstreet which I loved, but wanted to experiment to see if I could create something similar before splashing the cash.

Ikea plant pot

So a little trip to the Motherland (Ikea) for some supplies. One Ingefara terracotta pot and saucer. £2 for both bits or something ridiculous. And this lovely Dracaena Marginata which must have been priced up wrong as that was only £1 too. So a total spend of £3. Not much to lose should I be crap at this spray painting lark.

Ikea plant pot teracotta

The saucer was going all out copper and the top section of the pot would be copper too. So after masking up a straight line around the pot and covering the entire bottom half of the pot (which I failed to get a photo of as i’m impatient), I was ready to spray. Obviously go outside for this bit.

copper plant pot

And this is what I got. Not bad eh? It took a couple of coats to do, so all done in less than an hour.

copper plant pot

The wonders of Frogtape yet again.

copper plant pot

And here it shall live. I am thinking of painting the bottom half of the pot black for contrast? What do you think?

arenite table lamp

Onto my lamp base then. It was the only white piece in the living room and it just didn’t work. In my humble opinion of course. I had slightly more to lose here so I was glad the plant pot went well as a practice run.

masked up

Mask everything up and shove all the extra bits in plastic bags. Two coats outside again and here we have a copper base table lamp….

copper table lamp

Ta da!

copper table lamp

It looks so much better against the black wall. I’m glad I took the plunge and did it. Only time will tell now how long this finish will last. Will it chip, mark, dink?

copper table lamp

Nice smooth finish.

copper table lamp

What do you think? Do you prefer it copper, would you have kept it white? And should I be getting the black paint out for my plant pot? Answers on a postcard…. or in the comments below is fine.


  1. LOVE it copper – i am a huge fan of spray painting anything. Just inherited a cream metal bed frame. Very tempted to go for it (our house is more whites and greys, and the cream looks weird.) Bit scared though… toying between copper or a really matt black… hmmm I will get the courage up soon and let you know how I get on! x

    • Hi Heather,
      Would LOVE to see what you decide. I’m also having a bedroom furniture rethink. Our white furniture has now become “off white”… Hmmm… perhaps I should think about spraypaint?x

  2. Arati – Yeah am still eyeing up the pot of black paint i’ve got open at the moment… Hmmmm….. Decisions!

  3. You should definitely paint the bottom half of the pot black! Love the look of the copper against the dark walls. I’m planning to paint my bedroom a dark grey/blue this summer, so you’ve inspired me to think about copper spray paint on some existing stuff rather than seeking out new (expensive!) copper accessories!

    • Hi Kath, thanks for your input on the black. I think so too… just having a day off from painting today as I did’t finish til 9pm last night. Eeesh. And yes – definitely update your bedroom bits with spray paint. Cheap as chips and fun to do too!

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