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Mini Kitchen for Minis

After we had our kitchen done, we discovered quite quickly just how much our son LOVED our kitchen too. Well, emptying the entire contents of the cupboards out onto the floors. It was a fun game. He would empty a cupboard in two seconds flat and I would spend the next five minutes huffing and carefully replacing everything.

Rinse and repeat… until mum got fed up and decided to get creative.

Our little kitchen loving, cupboard emptying cherub was getting a kitchen of his own. I’ve always believed role play activities are what children are best at don’t you think?

Kitchen Ingredients:

duktig-play-kitchen__0086283_PE214923_S4Ikea – Duktig Kitchen – Just the base section

ribba-picture-ledge-white__0084935_PE212079_S4Ikea Ribba Shelf

chalkboard vinyl

A roll of chalkboard vinyl (I always spell vinyl wrong – just had to write that out three times).

chalk board liquid pen

Uni Chalk Marker pens – the ones they use to write on restaurant boards

Mini storage drawers from ArgosWooden A4 Drawer Chest – Argos


3 little white screw in hooks

Give your ingredients a good mix, pop it in the oven for about an hour at 180 degrees et voila: We have ourselves a Mini Kitchen for Mini People.

Ikea Duktig Kitchen

The Duktig kitchen is ace. It fits easily into a traditional or contemporary kitchen. It’s unisex. Takes a good bashing from my son. Still looks great over a year on. It also has little feet to adjust the height as your little one grows. Oh, and it has a little switch that lights up the hob plates. Genius.

The roll on chalkboard vinyl was a godsend. Took us about 10 minutes to roll it onto the wall carefully, but it looks exactly like a chalkboard. Easy to clean and it’s not peeled or split in over a year. By the looks of it, it will just peel back off too.

Making Spaces Storage Drawers

The Ribba Shelf is great for storing little toy cans and bits and bobs. The three white hooks just screwed in and the utensils have a place to live. I painted the fronts of the mini drawers with Habitat Coal paint, mainly because actual chalkboard paint is a rip off and I already had a tester pot. Worked like a treat!

Ikea Duktigi Kitchen

It gets completely emptied almost every day and barely looks this cute. But it’s actually a great storage box for toys. Looks the part and keeps my son happy for a whole three minutes at a time. Get two!

What do you think?


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