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Wallpaper and Muriels*

I don’t have any wallpaper in my home. And barely suggest to clients to choose it either. Most people I work with have a) children or b) a limited budget so paint is safer and cheaper. BUT… sometimes I see something and I want it immediately. And I want everyone else to have it too.



Ceylan Collection – “Numbers”

The lovely people at Papermoon sent me some pics of the new Coordonne range hitting their online store this month and there are some corkers. I’ve hit hard and fast with my favourite. “Numbers” is a huge mural with huge numbers. Simple. Clean. But a statement alright. I’m currently looking at my black office wall that I only painted about three weeks ago and fantasising about it being there. Shall I?


Random Papers Collection –  “Cut and Paste – Hula Hoop”

Who wouldn’t want this super happy lady hula hooping on their wall? I do! Very vintage chic and immediately makes me want to go to Toys R Us to buy a Hula Hoop to join in. Wallpaper that makes you want to exercise…? Hell yes. The NHS should get this little beauty on their prescription list. Ps. Do not prop ladders or bikes up against your wallpaper, your mum’s gona kill you.


Random Papers Collection –  “Cut and Paste – Skate”

Do not skateboard without elbow or knee pads. Especially not on other planets. It looks a little hilly. Such a good image and would make any teenage girl want to stay in their room (and do their homework) all day. Get it!



Random Papers – “Let’s Dance – Swimmers”

Did you gasp? I did. I have a friend who is obsessed with mermaids, synchronised swimming and anything water-bound. She’s not a “gasper”… but I  got a “WOW” out of her with this quite glorious image of these swimming ladies. Yesss! Isn’t it gorgeous!? Perfect for pretty much any room, and as cliched as it sounds it would look amazing next to a lovely roll top bath wouldn’t it? **sigh**.


Random Papers – “Let’s Dance – Ballerinas”

I would have called this “Good toes, naughty toes” or perhaps the more PC “Pencil points and rabbits ears” but I won’t make a fuss. I didn’t even say anything. Completely simple design with a hint of geometric retro ballet funk. That’s the next interior design movement labelled then. Right here on this blog.


Random Papers – “Like and Artist – Van Gogh”

Fancy living with Van Gogh? “What?” Want to live with Van Gogh on your wall? “Eh? – I can’t hear you” (Did you like my joke?) Isn’t this just too cool for school? Well that lady thinks so, sitting there with her popcorn and fizzy drink. She’s bucking the system (and her lungs) and spray painting indoors. And she’s propped her skull skateboard up against the wall. Complete anarchy! I love how POP this wallpaper is. Completely clashing colours, bright ginger orange, purple and green. Amazing. Colour clashing is my current favourite thing clothing-wise. Someone told me, after I died my hair red that I couldn’t wear coral or pink… haha. Watch me! Couple more from the same range below…


Random Papers – “Like and Artist – Kahlo” Comes with free melon.


Random Papers – “Like and Artist – Warhol”

And another of your five a day here too…

So sometimes, wallpaper can be a great investment. Everything else in the room can remain simple. Just let your amazing feature wall do all the talking. Check out Papermoon as they have some lovely stuff and they are super friendly too. Yay. Which wallpaper would you choose and where would it live? Let me know in the comments below. I shall be back very soon with more treasures from my travels. Ta ta for now.

* I do know it’s mural by the way. In the title. I’ve always called them Muriels. And now I call them Marials after watching Muriel’s Wedding. Just to clarify.

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