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Habitat Paint

I’ve become a little obsessed with Habitat paints. I do a lot of decorating. You can pretty much guarantee there’ll be a roller or a brush in the sink 94% of the time. Am getting to know my paints quite well now, depth of colour, finish, ease of application. Habitat paint is actually really good. And their range is simple too. A good overall range and family of colours without being bombarded with 19 options of grey. One finish. A matt finish, but not that super chalky matt that shows marks if you even look at it funny. The finish is matt but durable and can take a bit of a wipe. Perfik.

Habitat Paint Colours


30 colours. Some neutral. Some pop. But all completely workable into most spaces. Habitat say their paints are suitable for walls, wood and metal. Nice. So far, i’ve used it on walls, woodwork and what I like to call “a bit of furniture rescuing.” Here are some of my projects where Habitat paint has featured.

Habitat Slate – A lovely simple grey, with hardly any undertones of blue, green or brown. It appears grey to my eye and makes a super simple backdrop to this room filled with white furniture.

Boheme Lamp Joan Didion

Plumen light bulb

Bedroom Refresh – Making Spaces

Habitat Cumin Gallery Wall

Habitat Cumin – (Or as I call it, “come in” because it’s funny). Quite possibly the most amazing colour. It changed this client’s space completely. So much warmth and light at the same time.

Habitat Cumin

A rich, confident yellow with a touch of green in. Works so well with the dark wood floor and the Ikea Fusion dining set.

Habitat Prune – Warm, rich moody tones. Red with a touch of blue in. It was used in the same open plan space as Cumin. Two colours that complimented each other beautifully.

Habitat Prune

Open plan living room/dining room redesign – Making Spaces

Habitat Coal – I considered this colour for my black living room wall but in the end I went with Crown Night Fever as Coal was a little toooo black and also had blue undertones which I wasn’t looking for right then.

Storage Drawers Habitat Coal

However, the sample pot saved me about £10 for actual chalkboard paint. I painted my son’s storage drawers in Coal so I could get chalking. Worked like a treat.

Moving on to my “Save Our Side-table” (SOS) project.

Trio side table

Well done to me. I ruined the laquered surface of my side table by being cheap and trying to remove my fancy nail polish myself with some acetone.

“You do know that’s a household solvent don’t you Karen?”

“Eh….?…. ??……. Oh balls!”

The table was part of a trio and it’d been in the loft since last year. It needed a paint job. Habitat Cumin was the chosen one.


Bit of Diall paint spray primer

Habitat Cumin

Three gloss mini rollers of Habitat Cumin. (Ignore the Annie Sloan wax – I’m not friends with Annie Sloan paints. For another blog post me thinks).


And a lovely two coats spray with Valspar clear lacquer. Bish bash bosh. My side tables are reunited. Hooray.

Any finally, I have a little project on the go right now which has involved Frogtape and Habitat paints quite extensively, including Kingfisher. Ooof there’s a colour. Soon to be revealed but here’s a little amuse-bouche until next time.

Habitat Kingfisher Blue Paint

Habitat Paints available from Homebase.


  1. Caroline Duffy says

    Hi. I too am a fan of Habitat paints. Used around my house. Planning to redecorate this week only to find that the range has been discontinued. Any suggestions for similar finish and colours would be really appreciated

    • Hi Caroline, you could try Valspar’s Premium Matt range. They can mix any colour, just take your Habitat samples down and they will find a match. The finish is pretty similar too. A hardwearing, wipeable matt finish. All B&Q’s have a Valspar mixing desk. Good luck!!

  2. lavmenace says

    Hi Karen have you used any of the Habitat 5 shades of grey? They’re flogging off this paint in Homebase at the moment and I was trying to work out the tone of the dust grey. Love yr blog btw.

    • Cheers! Yeah my local HB was selling off the Habitat range at the end of last year. Have only used Slate grey… good paint, shame they discontinued the line!

  3. Lisa Atkinson says

    Hi. My hall is painted in habitat Cumin paint. I adore it, but it needs re-painting. I want to use the same colour but Habitat no longer do the paint and having contacted them they haven’t kept a record of the BS number for it. The paint I have is straight onto plaster so I cannot peel any away. I am devastated to say the least!

    • Karen Knox says

      Yep. They dis-continued it a long time ago now. Get it colour matched at Valspar in the “Premium” finish as it’s a very similar finish to the Habitat paints. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous says

    I’m in Australia and can’t seem to find where to buy these paints. I’m wanting the bright pinks. Any advice please

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