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My week with Factorylux

In a weird twist of fate, it’s a been a full on week of Factorylux lighting goodness.


If you remember, we’re working with Urban Cottage Industries on the lighting for our loft bedroom. Urban Cottage Industries design and produce their Factorylux lighting range, and we’ve been working with their modular range which comes with fun stuff like conduit and pattress boxes.

Think of it as Pick n Mix but for lighting. Design your own lights basically.


Well, as we’d finished sealing the brick wall, the electricians were now ready to rock and roll and start piecing the puzzle together.


I asked if they minded me taking some pics whilst they were fiddling. They didn’t. I managed to take a couple and then, ya know it felt a bit weird and I was kind of getting in the way.

So I only got a couple.

All the Factorylux conduit is pre-cut and threaded so it was just like a big metal jigsaw. They only needed to chop off the end pieces that ran down into the floor and up into the ceiling. If you’re thinking of going down the conduit route, just really do plan ahead. We needed to know the exact height of every fitting in order for the length to be correct and ready to work with.

A few hours later…


Our Maria Banjo Bronze wall lights all wired up and ready to rock. Doesn’t it look good?


Am so excited to have conduit at home. And a brick wall. It’s like the best feature wall ever, and the brick wall was free. Ace. The light bouncing off the red brick on an evening gives a lovely warm glow. Perfect for bedside lamps.


All we need there now is the bed. And the floor, and a staircase. Ffs.

And so, that was my first joyous day of playing around with Factorylux lighting. Bizarrely enough, my second day was just around the corner.


And it was on this van-truck-mobile.

Making Spaces had been invited to a Factorylux lighting workshop held for Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers (and me, making it all up as I go along). Their little m’bile has been driving across the UK and even into Europe (fancy) but today it was parked up outside The Tetley in Leeds.

Making Spaces day trip!


Designed specifically for their light making workshops, the van came fully equipped with all the essentials. Tea and coffee making facilities (no decaf though, luckily I had a decaf tea bag hidden in the depths of my workbag. Disaster averted), good tunes, good people and good lighting.



Sophie  the founder of Urban Cottage Industries and  Factorylux, gave us a proper good look into how all of their lights are built from scratch. As well as teaching us a clever, unforgettable way of remembering which one of the three wires in a plug is live.

(It’s brown, as if you touch it, you’ll shit yourself. Her words not mine, mum)

You can see more pics from their workshops here.



As someone who finds it really difficult to stay still and concentrate on anything for more than about two minutes, (you should observe me making a cup of tea, it’s painful, I have to boil the kettle about three times as I walk off to do something else and forget. Then I do it again. About an hour later I just about nail it. Ridiculous) I obviously got distracted by all the goodies around the place.


Nosey nosey


Ooh mini shades


Ooh bulbs


Each stage of the luminaire making process was clearly displayed on the iPad in front of every work station.


After following all the instructions and completing the workshop, we tested each of our units to check they fully functional and fit for use. We were both chuffed to find out we had successfully wired our luminaries, and so got to take them home. Whoop.


I’m sure I can find somewhere for this little badger. In fact, it may just make it up into the loft with the other Factorylux lighting.


What do you think? A little flash of orange plug up there perhaps?

Collaborative post. Big thanks to Urban Cottage Industries for inviting me to their workshop. And for working with me on the lighting for our loft bedroom. We couldn’t be happier.



  1. Ah, yes! That conduit lighting is just what I need in my kitchen when we get round to doing it. We have open rafters and nowhere to hide the infrastructure, so lets go all Pompidou Centre and put the infrastructure on show!
    Urban Cottage Industries, Bookmarked!

  2. I’m so envious of your brick wall! The lighting day looks so much fun. I love the behind the scenes stuff. Always makes me appreciate the stuff around my house so much more – which is kind of a big deal when you’re a clumsy shit like me ha! x

  3. freshdesignblog says

    Oh my, your brick wall is looking super fab now the lights are up! And how fun to have been on a lighting workshop, their van-truck-mobile looks ideal.

  4. The lights look amazing! I love the conduits running along the wall (and I never thought I’d say that sentence) but it works perfectly against the brick wall! I made my own lighting in one of Factory Lux’s trucks too – it was so cool and SO damn satisfying when your light passes their tests! xxx

    • Ha! Yes it sure is! Felt like a genius for about 3 seconds 🙂
      When I saw you’d commented, I was thinking, “Kimberly really isn’t going to be digging this lighting set up at all” so am pleasantly surprised to hear you say that about the conduit. The flooring and bed set up with help soften this whole space. Can’t wait. Like, I actually can’t!xx

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