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The elusive black tap

As you may have twigged by now, we’re currently in the middle of our loft conversion. The design of the two new spaces are a mix of Scandinavian and industrial design. Simple, raw materials, paired back with mainly a monochrome scheme.


It was easy to add black to the bedroom. Sliding timber doors, furniture, window frames, bedsides… but it was more difficult to add it to the bathroom. Bathrooms by their very nature have a lot white in, what with 99% of ceramic sinks, loos, shower trays and baths being white (why is that?). Pair that with the chrome finish of nearly all taps, bottle traps, wastes, showers etc. and you’ve got a pretty restrictive palette to work around.


I knew I wanted a black bathroom tap, but man, they’re not an easy find. And the more difficult it was for me to find one, it just made me want one more. I WILL FIND A BLACK TAP (and waste, and bottle trap).

Around the same time as I was on Tap Hunt, one of my blogging chums, Kimberly Duran of Swoonworthy was working hard on her kitchen remodel. And with us being kindred spirits (ish, she’s way more glam than I) she too was chasing something more unique on the tap front. Chrome is not her thing. At all.



Ms Duran blogged all about her top tap choice, the stunning Monarch slim bronze tap from Alveus by Olif, the UK arm of an Italian manufacturer specialising in sinks and taps. Well i’d never heard of Olif, but I had now and this is why blogs are such a good source for inspiration. Interiors bloggers are obsessed and we don’t stop until we find what we want. Then we share our finds with you guys. So thank you, Kimberly.


The Monarch tap, with the Monarch bronze sink (yes people, a BRONZE SINK) looks frickin amazing in her kitchen. You really should check out her kitchen remodel, Kimberly’s one inspiring lady.


But, what’s this I see?

A black tap!

**immediately does running man**

Turns out Olif don’t just do bronze taps, but they specialise in alternative finishes including chrome, anthracite, polished copper, brushed copper, gold, polished bronze, satin bronze, rose gold and….. black!


Simmetria Mixer Tap

However, it all seemed to be for the kitchen. What about the bathroom? It was time for me to do some investigating….


Duetto Mixer Tap

Their black range of kitchen taps is relatively new, the main difference between kitchen and bathroom taps is size, so these designs, although beautiful would certainly have looked out of proportion on top of a bathroom basin.

But then I spotted the Minimo:


Minimo Mixer Tap

And as the name suggests it’s a little smaller at 26cm high, making it spot on for our bathroom. Only a few cm taller than our current bathroom basin mixer tap I was sure we could make it work.


Time to contact Olif and see what the score was. Would it be suitable for a bathroom? And if so, are they able to source a matching bottle trap and waste?

Turns out Olif are in the process of extending their range of taps and fittings to the bathroom market, including bottle traps and click clack wastes. How’s that for good timing?

And after two months of communication, updates, product testing, retesting and eagerly awaiting the Italians to ship the finished product to us in the UK, i’m so pleased to say my black matt tap, trap and waste arrived this week. And oh my, they are just delicious.


A most beautiful, silky matt black finish which hasn’t actually been launched on their site yet, so i’m the first in the UK to get my mitts on this new design. It’s a looker isn’t it? I don’t think i’ve ever been so excited to see a bottle trap in my life. It all feels amazing.


Now obviously, I can’t comment on the functionality just yet, as they’re still in a box. But as soon as they make their way into our new loft shower room I will be pimping out these bad boys on my blog again. For sure.

I’m hoping, this time next week, we will be cracking on with the bathroom. My Olif delivery is far too gorgeous to be sitting in a box. That’s for sure.

Do you like? Love? Adore? Would love to hear what you guys think.


  1. Hi Karen…absolutely loving the black taps have been trying to get our buyers into them too!!😬

    Could you contact me asap please…I’m the interior designer for…thank you 😊 Lynne

  2. oldfashionedsus says

    OH you clever and determined lady. The lack of choice here in the U.K. Can be disheartening- well done! I can’t wait to see xxx

  3. Oh my gaaaaaawd. They’re super pretty.
    you’re so right about the lack of choice. When we renovated our bathroom and had NO interest in interiors at the time we just went with white because that’s what ALL stores have. 5 years later, I really regret it but cannot be arsed starting it again just yet haha

  4. katy615 says

    Ha! This made me giggle – I’m imagining you actually doing the running man looking at Kimberly’s blog 🙂 Can;t wait to see the finished bathroom, black tap and all! x

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