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A mixed bag. The Loft Extension – Wk 3

So what’s happened since last week?

Well as the title suggests, it’s been a melange of loft extension based events. There’s been a lot of banging. MY WORD. So much banging. But banging means progress, and progress is good. Dormer tiled, old loft boards and joists ripped out, new joists fitted and another steel hoisted up for something or other. Something structural. Whatever. When can I get in?

At this point i’m feeling pretty redundant, I just want to get up there and start waving my arms around showing everyone where things are going. So, to prevent me asking “is it done yet?” every 90 minutes, i’ve been keeping myself busy by placing orders for some of the key pieces making their way into our soon-to-be new rooms.


Bedroom mood-board recap

And my very first piece for the bedroom has arrived. Well apart from the brick wall, that’s already there. See the two ceiling lights either side of the bed? They’re going to be the bedside lights.

These actually:


Maria 180 lights from Urban Cottage Industries

How yum are these? The Maria lights i’ve bagged are a whopping 1.3m long. They’ll be wired into the ceiling along with light switches fitted either side of the bed. As we’re keeping the brickwork behind the bed exposed, it means I get to play around with conduit. Oh yes. It’s happening. Gona be soooo good.

(The sparky is gona be soooo busy)


Sneak preview on Instagram

My parcel arrived last week with everything all wrapped up in gorgeous brown paper packages. Dame Julie Andrews would have been v happy.

Here’s everything after a good unravelling session. All ready to roll.I’m sure my electrician is going to love working with me. In fact, I don’t think there’s a trade that isn’t going to relish every moment with me and my “big ideas”.


Love. Love. Love.

Who are Urban Cottage Industries?

Originally, known as the Historic Lighting Company and founded nearly ten years ago, Urban Cottage Industries “pioneered the industrial lighting aesthetic with light fittings salvaged from mills in the West Riding of Yorkshire” (Leeds Leeds Yorkshire Leeds!).

I love the fact they’re based in an old trouser factory. UCI actually redeveloped the building in order to house their continually growing production, dispatch and customer services departments. And i’ve had first hand experience of their customer service already, having made a couple of enquiries about which bits we needed in order to get these beauties wired in.


These guys know their lighting. With our questions quickly answered and the promise of super fast shipping of any items we find we might need last minute, we placed an order which was shipped the next day. One day later and it was all here. A very happy camper. The quality is great and the design, timeless. I’ll obviously be sharing plenty more photos of everything in situ once we actually get cracking up there.

For now, however, I will leave you with some scenes of absolute carnage. Well not really, our box-room wall getting booted out.

Our open plan landing is slowly beginning to emerge, making us very excited indeed for the staircase. More ripping out tomorrow so the bulk head, the door frame etc will be no more. S’laters!

Whilst you’re waiting for the next instalment, pop over to Urban Cottage Industries and check out their range of modular and beautiful rough luxe lighting. Next time i’m over in Hebden Bridge i’ll defo be popping in to say “bonjour”.

Collaborative post. I only ever work with companies I love, and think you will love too. Opinions are always my own. Always.


  1. How exciting, I bet you can’t wait to get in! I love the lights and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result! x

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