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The 5th Wall – Conclusion

I finished it.


Painting our ceiling in with the walls.

Oh right, yeah I remember now, you wrote about starting that a couple of weeks ago didn’t you?

Yeah. You can catch up here.


We’ve now lived with it for a couple of weeks and i’m ready to give my honest (as ever) opinion on it.


It’s changed the feel of the room, a lot.

  • Conclusion 1. It’s a marmite design decision. Nobody is going to walk in and go, ooh i’m not sure. It’s either, “what on earth have you done?” or “wow, I love it.”


  • Conclusion 2. It doesn’t actually make the ceiling feel lower, it did when it was half done, but once it was all done it was back to normal again. So if you’re thinking of trying it at home, DO NOT make any decisions until you’ve finished what you started. Commit!


  • Conclusion 3. It’s definitely made the room darker. Not just feel darker, but actually darker. So it does make things, like doing the ole face paint a little trickier. So i’ve added a couple of extra task lamps where needed (above the chair). My advice, don’t do this in a room where you need daylight to practice your fancy nail art, taxidermy or keyhole surgery.


  • Conclusion 4. A dark colour on the ceiling works better with high ceilings. Ours are 2.4m high which is pretty standard for a mid-century semi-detached. If you’ve got higher ceilings (2.6m, 2.8, 3m) then i’m jealous. In short, the higher the better.


  • Conclusion 5. I really like it in a bedroom. A room where the main focus in sleep, so darkness is a plus. I would actually hate this in my living room. A black wall for me is fine, but a black ceiling, no ta.


  • Conclusion 6. The five wall trick would definitely be easier to pull off with lighter, softer colours. No doubt. In fact, i’m planning on doing this in a new project soon enough (if i’m allowed).


  • Conclusion 7. If you’re a interiors junkie (like moi), then it’s something you should try at least once. Just for you to know how it feels. It does give a really strong, confident look to a room. I can’t lie. I never really liked the white ceiling in this space anyway. It just looked odd. This does work better, even with the lower, more moody light levels.


So is it staying?

  • Conclusion 8. It’s staying. I reckon i’ve got a couple of years left of it being like this and then i’ll be itching to make some changes again. Who knows what the ceiling will look like then? But i’m really glad I finally got around to trying it out. No regrets. Lessons learned. Learning learning all the time.

So you lot, have I tempted anyone to go for it? Do you think i’m nuts? Let me know what you think of the completed room now it’s all gone dark.

Ps. Don’t be offended if I don’t get back to comments this week peeps. I’m away in New York on our honeymoon with the husbandado 🙂 But I will be back with you all soon for shits and giggles. Have a lovely week!x


  1. I like it. Think it works here in your bedroom. We did it in our bathroom’s previous incarnation in with a taupe colour and it was much better – we also had the ceiling angles in there which you’ve also got, which I think helps with the flow? Maybe it wouldn’t look so good in a boxy new build? But sometimes that old white ceiling contrast just looks plain wrong. Xx

  2. I think it’s fab. As you say, it’s one where you have to take a deep breath and go for it – who decided that not painting the ceiling was ‘right’ anyway? I’d definitely give it a go!

  3. Hmmm I’m still not convinced. It looks a little overpowering in that blue. I don’t think I could live with it. But I’d definitely try it in a lighter shade. Don’t get me wrong, the room looks awesome but I think you can have too much of a good thing.

  4. Oh god I love it! Of course I do! Sharp intake of breath when I saw the pics! My immediately thought was, ‘Should I try this in our bedroom?!’ but I do like how light the room is despite being painted black and despite the high ceilings in there. So perhaps I won’t even if I don’t practice taxidermy, nail art or keyhole surgery in there. 😉 But still. It’s something I’d love to try and I think it was well brave to do it yourself! Awesome job! xx

  5. It looks great! I chickened out on doing my ceiling aubergine like the rest of my bed room, but may be brave now I can see how fab it looks. Bravo to you!

  6. It looks really wonderful in all the photos, but I can imagine the feeling is slightly different when you are actually in the room and surrounded – but absolutely in favour of it staying. Nuts, but good nuts, like roasted salted cashews not like monkey nuts on a string 🙂

    • Ha. Nowt wrong with monkey nuts (according to monkeys) 🙂 Thanks Molly. I already know it will be a different colour this time next year…. **sigh**

  7. Lisa says

    If all the walls are going to be the same colour it does actually make sense to continue it with the ceiling. I personally find that the darker the walls, the oddest the contrast with a white ceiling but painting the ceiling the same colour is the answer! (But I guess there is a balance to find because if it’s too dark it might become a bit oppressing especially in a small bedroom). Thanks for the share anyway, it gives me some new ideas.

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