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Iconic Lights

I’ve not written a post ALL about lighting in a while. Ages actually. So when Iconic Lights got in touch to see if i’d be interesting in working with them, I jumped at the chance.

Iconic Lights launched in 2011 and since have strived “to stay ahead of the upcoming trends in interior design and offer excellent reproductions of classic lights.” They’ve got a fair few key lighting pieces on their site and all within reach on the pounds, shilling and pence front. Good news.

Their mission statement:

“To bring affordable, high quality lighting to the masses”

Sound like any one else’s? (Look to the right and read the gumpf under the picture of my ugly mug).

As you may already know, our house is FILLED with lighting, secondary lighting, (tertiary lighting) we really don’t need more lighting. However, I was asked to review a selection of lights (my choice) and when I wandered around our house, deciding what to pop in my basket I realised we’d never invested in a light for our son’s bedroom. I’m a terrible mother. We’d also never gotten around to getting rid of the last one of these monsters:


**shudders** How could he sleep with this in his room? HOW?

Bloody hate these things. They’re now all officially outta here. A more attractive lamp holder with monochrome fabric cable was fitted and now we have….


… this super cool Pterodactyl dino shade. Our son’s room is now looking a hell of a lot more stylish don’t cha think?


It came in pre-cut sections and took just a few minutes to slot all the pieces together. At £25 it’s a great way to add a unique piece of lighting to a child’s room. It fits on UK or Ikea lamp holders as it comes with a removable spacer too. Nice touch!


I also picked up a couple of these Tasca Clip On task lamps. Because they’re super handy to have around the house. This one clips onto the shelf and is fab as a bedtime reading light.


T’other one has gone in the man-shed over the work bench. That didn’t make the photo shoot unfortunately. But I can attest it does the trick and at £9 each they’re not going to break the bank.

If you remember i’ve also been trying to source some Vintage Filament LED bulbs since jumping onto the LED train with the Ikea #LiveLAGOM project. Ikea didn’t have anything filament-y enough for our hallway and landing.


But Iconic Lights did! So I bagged four of these LED Filament Squirrel Cage bulbs. At £10 each they’re a great price for something that looks this good and emits no heat whatsoever. Energy saving design goodness right here.

“The new MiniSun LED Squirrel Cage Globe bulb provides the look of a traditional squirrel cage bulb but without the inefficient running costs. Developed with the latest LED technology this bulb is ultra-energy saving at only 6W.”


They also do a range of other vintage style bulbs too in screw cap or bayonet fitting, so finding stylish LED bulbs is getting easier and becoming much more affordable. At last!

Which leads me onto my only “bulb vice” left in the house. I was the lucky winner of this gorgeous filament bulb after commenting on a great Houzz UK feature. This vintage style bulb from Vinegar & Brown Paper has been hand engraved with the words “Your Next Idea Will be Arriving Shortly”. A very special piece indeed.


It’s been waiting for a lamp to sit in for months. We were going to make something… bought the brass lamp holder (above), black fabric cable. But ya know… life… time… It never got done.

Iconic Lights saved the day with their Concrete Base Table Lamp. It was perfect for this bulb.



“The round base is made out of cement,  exposing the light bulb fully. The table lamp would compliment a vintage designer bulb, providing a warm, ambient glow to your home interior.”

Hell yeah it does! £18 can get you this very lamp base. And it’s lovely quality too. Really nice weight to it with a flash of copper for good measure.


Looks good dunit!? So glad my fancy bulb finally has a place to sit. Just got to make sure nobody touches it now.

I’d certainly recommend a virtual trip to Iconic Lights. I’ve already got a few pendant lights and lamps Pinned for projects i’m working on right now, so you will no doubt see some more Iconic lighting purchases making their way onto the blog soon.


I was very kindly gifted these items for review, but all opinions and words are my own. Always. And I only ever write about brands that I love or think you will love too.


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  1. Great post, Karen and some fab lights. Those squirrelly filament lights with copper bits are gorgeous!!! I first saw filament type lights like this down in a lovely pub in Abersoch…Took loads of photos, thinking ‘want them! want them’!

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