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The addiction is real…

…But at least this addiction is affordable. Ish.

I’ve been spreading the love about Netto, for a few months now over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The Danish discount food store might not be the first place you might think of when it comes to design, interiors or home decor, but after flicking through my Instagram feed i’ve realised just how many amazing finds i’ve had from there. Some for work and some for home, either way, it seems i’ve found a lot of lovely pieces.

I’m lucky enough to have a Netto about a mile away, so I pop in every week for a hunt. They have new pieces come in store each week. Once they’ve sold out, that’s it. If they’ve not sold that week they’re discounted by 50%. So you can get some ridiculously good prices if you drop in at the right time. Let’s have a peep.

Instagram pics first:


Scandi framed alphabet picture £2.50 (I got a couple of different designs). It’s currently in the “Holding Area“, Destined for a project.


Industrial style metal vases/pots £5 for the pair. Still sitting pretty in our bedroom.


Can you see them on top of the drawers? The metal hammered plant pot was also from Netto for £9. Wish i’d got two as it’s now moved downstairs into our living room:


The bronze tray, candlesticks and vase… yes, all from Netto. See what I mean about finding so much stuff from there?

Candlestick holders – £1 for three. Tray – £1.50 (I got three).  Vase – £3 each (I got loads).





Some more. All only £3 each. Then down to £1.50 the week later.


My little blush plant pots have been used all over the house. £5 for the two of them.


Four matt black lantern holders with copper handles. £3 each for the larger ones and £2 for the small. So, £10 for the lot. One of which is now being used as a plant pot….


And the black star candle stand was also a complete bargain at £2.50. So I got two, one in white and one in black.

Glass vases netto

I got these three glass bottles/vases last summer. They’ve been used SOOOO much. Just £3 for the large one and £1 each for the smaller ones. All these for a fiver. Isn’t it mad!?

And now onto some bits that have yet to find a home. But I couldn’t leave them there… I just couldn’t.

There’s the addiction.


Woven footstool – £9. My son loves this.


Woven weathered basket – £5. Wooden ampersand -£2.50


The two house frame lanterns with mirrored bottoms – £2.50. For the pair. These have been bagged for a project already.


And a shot of all the new stuff i’ve found lately from Netto. Impressive isn’t it?

(Just to clarify, i’d never have THAT much stuff around the fireplace. Just trying to get it all in one shot. Ya know.)

If you’ve got a Netto nearby, i’d highly recommend a little trip. They are opening more stores around the UK so keep an eye out. I need to make another trip soon as they have loads of great garden plants on sale at the moment. And lovely lemon and poppy seed muffins.




  1. OMG – had no idea that Netto stocked stuff like this! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. You’re killing me with these amazing bargains!! Need Netto to open a store in Nottingham, they’ll do a roaring trade!

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